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Confessions of a crazed mother: part four

This year we didn’t even finish Thanksgiving before the Christmas decor was splashed on the walls, up the stairway and in the windows; but then again this is our first year with my father and his wife and my sisters. Many traditions from both sides now interweaving with one another, toes being stepped on and tensions running high.

Before arriving at work the other night I stopped by Target for some dresses for the girls… Matching but not matching at the same time for some holiday photos. It seems as if the time flies and I cannot capture their cuteness, their ever so changing facial features, attitudes and growth spurts. Plans made without a hint to anyone on what was happening I made a crazed mother choice… Once or twice this Thanksgiving. I chose to take family photos today, the once in a blue chance that Geraldo and I have the same day off and that perfect timing after a nap. Elleanna crashed with our early morning store run to Safeway for some necessary items to get through the night. Milk, ketchup and all that good stuff the kids will just “die” without.


My Guilt: I’m not great at knowing when to take photos, where the best spot is and to stay calm under the frustrations of headbands flying off, skirts up and silly faces. I want to be that family photo you see and think that we have it all together; no fighting or teasing about puffy hair (yes I forgot the hair spray when I was more worried about the children’s milk and snacks at the store!). I see so many family photos and I wonder why can’t I have that picture of perfection? We never take photos, nice family photos together though I know when we arrive home in Florida I will be calling on a cousin in-law for some photos for the four of us and the girls separate also. I have a jealousy honestly… I feel as if I’m that mom that doesn’t have it together that can’t give the girls every gift or even that mom with the second baby syndrome. Elleanna has yet to get a baby book or see a professional photographer while Isabella has a baby book filled, photos from four months to one and a half professionally done.


I’m that mother spending hours on Etsy, Pintrest and Google looking for new traditions to add to our old. Baking our Italian Christmas cookies and gingerbread house just doesn’t seem like the perfect mother. I’ve found new stockings with our initials and was grateful to see that Meme had taken the girls to the post office and received a book about letters to Santa which included paper, envelopes and stickers to mail Isabella’s very own FIRST letter to Santa.

How to fix this guilt: I need to remember not every family is the same, not every tradition is what we expect… To make my girls happy with photos whether they were organized and planned to the unplanned breathtaking moments. As I begin writings special notes to place in our Christmas cards I wonder how many of my friends and family will cherish these Christmas photos we spent time preparing the girls in the dresses and holding Elleanna’s hands away from her headband.


Truth is make it about the children, I’ve made an ornament with the girls sitting together in front of the Christmas tree (one of three or five if you count the two pink ones for my sisters and my daughters). Isabella woke up from a late night nap and wrote with mommy her very first letter to Santa asking for a Minnie journal for herself but she couldn’t forget her sissy with a Minnie book. The kindness and sweetness this little girl shows everyday makes me want to be a better mommy. When I hear “Mommy you best mommy ever!” I melt a bit more but also gain a bit more guilt.


So here’s this years traditions:

1st: Write a letter to santa

2nd: Family photos

3rd: Create a Christmas chain countdown

4th: Get and decorate a Christmas tree

5th: Decorate the small children’s tree

6th: Bake Italian Christmas cookies like my Aunt Sharon

7th: Send out Christmas cards to family and friends

8th: Make a gingerbread house

9th: Visiting Santa when he comes to town

10th: Check out the holiday lights around our neighborhood

11th: Record “Elf on the Shelf” and his many silly hiding places

12th: One holiday movie night a week (or more)

13th: Read holiday stories in front of the Christmas tree with Hot Coco

14th: Track Santa’s progress on NORAD

15th: Send surprises to relatives a far

16th: Matching PJ’s for all four girls and Christmas PJ’s for the adults


What are some of your holiday traditions for adults and children alike?

I’d love to add some on to our list.


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Teething with Baby Chomp Chomp

In exchange for my time and efforts in reporting my opinion within this blog, the owner of BabyChompchomp has provided me with complimentary teething necklaces and amber necklace for Elleanna. Even though I receive these benefits, I always give an opinion that is 100% mine.

As she digs her nails in I brace myself for the teeth; as a breastfeeding mother I am aware of what is about to happen… Though I find myself stomping my foot down as I’m walking through the store feeding; how the customers around me are unaware of the pain that just went jolting from my ta-ta up my chest and down my entire body. Elleanna sure loves to bite, nothing like her sister Isabella was (though complete opposites with feeding methods).

I hear a cry from the girls bedroom and Isabella holding her finger. “Sissy bit my finger!” she screams out as I enter the room. Gone for just a moment to check on laundry and my girls are already beating each other up or maybe just the youngest is beating her older sister.

As I braid Isabella’s hair for school I see Jaws out of the corner of my eye… Da na.. Da na.. Da na.. OUCH! Elleanna’s at it again, biting anything in sight from toys to mommy’s leg. From being held onto to feeding I find myself waiting for the nails, the bites and the screams when I say “No!”; how do I stop this or how do I at least make it less frequent?

After reading many posts in my breastfeeding group I saw a post from this wonderful woman Jennifer; after further reading that she owns her own business with teething necklaces and many other fashionable items such as amber necklaces I reached out. Jennifer was so kind to offer some items from Baby Chomp Chomp such as two teething necklaces and an amber necklace for Elleanna to try. How my ta-ta’s are relieved!


This beautiful rainbow colored teething necklace known as the Brielle necklace made of 100% food grade silicone BPA free, FDA approved has caught Elleanna’s eyes the most! Jennifer was also kind sending a navy colored Tanner necklace which is made of more of a jeweled shaped 100% food grade silicone also and also Elleanna’s very first cheery amber necklace.

Elleanna’s amber necklace is perfect from the screw on and off snap to the length and how between each stone there is a knot! I’m amazed at the safety that Baby Chomp Chomp has provided while soothing our little ones and making a fashionable statement to motherhood.

If you don’t know much about the amber necklaces I copied a short explanation from the site…

How it works: When a baby is wearing an amber teething necklace, it warms with the body‘s natural temperature, releases healing oils from the amber which are absorbed through the skin into the bloodstream.

I am very excited to say that since wearing these teething necklaces Elleanna has cut back on scratching, biting and pinching. With her full attention on these wonderful, colorful and playful necklaces my arms and chest is very grateful.

Looking for a great way to keep baby occupied and soothed I recommend these necklaces!
Photos of Elleanna’s amber necklace while in work are soon to come as soon as I can catch this runner..

How do you keep your little one from pinching, scratching and biting you?

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The joys of changing diapers (Pamper giveaway)

This review was made possible by Double Duty Divas and Pampers. I was provided product free of charge to facilitate my review, but all opinions are 100% mine.

Todos padres se asustan cuando tienen su primer hijo
Sea el tercel o el segundo hijo la procupasion sera la misma
Me a cuerdo que el padre de mi nina elleana no savia que pensal cuando era tiempo de cambial su panpel por los primeros meses y que clase de comida comia o que color legustava con el pamper stool color gia a todos padres no tienen que procupalse por que con la endependesia the los wipes cambia todo de limpiar a yegal a la etapa que ya no nesesitan wipes pero estan preparado para el bano o la etapa que los gia a yegar a usal el toilet solo miren a esta tremenda informasion de los pampers que quiero conpartile


Becoming a mother was the scariest moment of my life, though exciting  and overwelming all at once I couldn’t be happier to have Pampers be a large part of both my daughter’s lifes.

With Isabella I had no idea what to expect with each diaper change, if her diapers would leak through the night… Pampers saved us from scary leaks that we had with compitior diapers from our baby shower.  The scary explosions, and I mean explosions while changing diapers… Let’s just say her pretty pink wall was another color.

I have my moments as a mom of two, after having some time off with a potty trained Bella seeing the diapers and wipes come back was scary. As I opened diapers and was taken back with colors and textures. (Who knew you’d look at your child’s poop so hard!)

With Pampers we had no worries no rashes and no leaks. I safely knew she was taking a nap without wetting the bed; that the diaper wasn’t squeezing into her poor little legs.

Thankfully with Elleanna I knew what diapers were perfect, what wipes would do the job and thankfully set up with a diaper genie from my father and step mother. No more running to the outside trashcan for every smelly diaper. Though with the first child I believe I was more organized, prepared with items but not emotionally for the attachment and love that would  instantly hit you like a ton of bricks when you see your baby, hear the cry and hold him or her.







Follow Pampers on Twitter and Facebook, and check out their website for some great information and products!

I am SO excited to offer a new mom a prize pack filled with $100 worth of goodies that includes:

  • Pampers Wipes
  • Pampers Newborn or Size 1 Diapers
  • Diaper Genie (seriously, the best invention, ever)
  • Diaper Genie Refills
  • Portable Diaper Caddy (as seen in photo above)

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