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Confessions of a crazed mother: Where is my happy place?


There’s crayon murals on my walls, floors and computer. The laundry has piled up like Mt. Everest and I can’t find my keys. The bills are stacked neatly on my computer desk, but lets be honest the nightmare has just begun.

I hear the cries of Elleanna that escaped her crib again and found her way to the gate at the stairs. I don’t know what’s for dinner and my work schedule is a killer. Late nights, early mornings sending Isabella on her way off to Pre-K. I wonder how I will ever make it through… It’s not the weekend I look forward to, it’s not the holidays because to be honest as a waitress there’s not such thing.

I find myself driving with the windows down, tear filled eyes pleading above… “Where is the love?”

I’ve been too tired to write, too busy to sit in front of the computer and think of the right words to express to my readers.

So here’s my confession:

I don’t know how to handle my stress… To handle my worries… I find that I break at the smallest things from the school shoes not in the correct place to why can’t daddy lay with the baby to sleep after I worked all day? Truth is he’s been with her all day; organized and cleaned the house.

Am I that greedy that I just want to find my happy place? A place to escape reality of bills, cries and work overload.

Here’s my question to all my readers… To every parent, mother, waitress, daughter….

How can I handle my stress?

How can I go a day just smiling, no tears and certainly no chest pains?