The perfect blanket: Collage People

It would be the perfect gift, something that would be cherished for a long time to come... So I opened up my computer, grabbed Isabella and asked her opinion, wanting to put a bit more love into this gift. I've always treasured the hand crafted gifts, from picture frames and floral arrangements to drawings the… Continue reading The perfect blanket: Collage People

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Lets get honest: fighting myself

I watch you as you sleep... Slowly breathing as you hug your teddy bear a bit closer. A smile plastered upon my face, God has blessed me with my children. As I scan the room the motherly instincts kick in, lift that leg back onto the bed and cover your sister with a blanket. She's… Continue reading Lets get honest: fighting myself

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The Confessions of a crazed mother: And the family grows part II

The excitement return to their eyes as Miracle began rubbing up against my leg. She looked fatter now, healthy but tired. As  I allowed her in and began getting her water and food I was thrilled to see her but she had more of a surprise for us. As she laid down on the floor… Continue reading The Confessions of a crazed mother: And the family grows part II