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Disney on Ice: Follow Your Heart part II

I am a Feld Entertainment Blogger Ambassador, and in exchange for my time and efforts in attending shows and reporting my opinion within this blog, as well as keeping you advised of the latest discount offers, Feld Entertainment has provided me with complimentary tickets to Feld shows and other exclusive opportunities.

After a very stressful week this is just what the girls and I needed…



The lights on the Ice is what caught my eye first as I held the hand of my two year while her big sister showed us the way to our seats. Counting as we went down the stairs that I thought would NEVER END! I say this not because it was inconvenient because normally it wouldn’t be but after the x-rays this week on my broken foot and the whirlwind of a nightmare I seem to have found myself in… Those stairs were a bit of a hike but SO worth it.

The ice was shimmering and the show was about to begin, we had made it there just in time. As the hockey “players” entered the rink I saw some of my children’s new movie characters. Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust and Sadness present the show with many appearances throughout. Isabella and Elleanna have seen this movie a few times though sadly I have not with my busy work schedule; I found myself so entertained. I felt as if I were a child again; my mouth may have been open in “Aw” as well as the children’s.


As different memory balls bounced out the Inside Out characters grabbed a nice red one… Nice? Ehh no it was an angry memory which brought Beauty and the beast to the stage. From the classic Be Our Guest song to the love that tamed the Beast we were charmed.

“Why, we only live to serve. Try the grey stuff it’s delicious! Don’t believe me? Ask the dishes.” -Be Our Guest by Alan Menken and Howard Ashman


As Mickey did his magic with one of my childhood movies, Fantasia; I saw my girls and brother in-law become more bewitched as the brooms showed off their moves. Their short but magical performance kept us wondering who would be next. Doc, Sleepy, Grumpy, Bashful, Happy, Sneezy and don’t forget Dopey took the ice with Snow White and the Evil Queen.


Many of our favorite classics such as Jasmine and her Prince Aladdin, Meredith, Prince Eric and Ariel as well as Tiana along with many more glided across the ice with grace. We watched the many different princesses arrive on the Ice; creating such a magical experience  as the children’s eyes lit up.

“Mommy, Mommy! Look! Look!” Pointing at all the Princess’s that I was unaware would be making appearances, Isabella looked at if she was the happiest little girl in the world. Until we had our intermission break, I don’t believe their eyes left the ice!


We jumped up. because every parent knows when you have a chance for a bathroom break you make a break for it and RUN! So back up those favorite stairs of mine we went for a bit of time in lines for bathrooms with the MANY mini princesses. As I limped back to my seat I wondered where my brother in-law, oldest daughter and mother in-law were at. Joel’s favorite part that he was waiting on was about to begin. But just like Dory our families had to remember how to get back to our seats and find one another.




Elleanna dancing in her seat and Joel mesmerized I felt a bit of peace. Happiness in my soul, again after this week… This show gave us all a bit of childhood memories from adults to our children and grandchildren; sharing in the moments of “Aw” while Princess’s did flips and twists on ropes, classic movies we grew up watching and the new favorites that our children are hooked on came to life.


We sang along many times but Olaf’s “In Summer” was a favorite… I found myself mimicking each line of Frozen due to the fact I’ve watch it a million times or more. (Maybe without children sometimes… hehe)

“Do you want to build a snowman? Or ride our bike around the halls?

I think some company is overdue I’ve started talking to The pictures on the walls!

(Hang in there, Joan)”


 As always I am blown away by Disney on Ice, am cannot wait until next year but YOU ALL have opportunity now. Make some memories, life is too short.


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Disney on Ice: Follow Your Heart

I am a Feld Entertainment Blogger Ambassador, and in exchange for my time and efforts in attending shows and reporting my opinion within this blog, as well as keeping you advised of the latest discount offers, Feld Entertainment has provided me with complimentary tickets to Feld shows and other exclusive opportunities.

There’s no confusion here I am excited to say that the girls and I have an amazing opportunity to see some of our favorite Disney Characters show off their moves on the Ice. I cannot wait to be able to be “whooa” once again by an amazing performance from such characters as Nemo and Dory. Though my hopes are that I will be reunited with my best friend Crush. “Cause we were like, ‘who0ooa,” and I was like, ‘whooooa.’ and you were like, ‘whooooaaa…”

D20_Dory-Disney on Ice
“Oh, boy! This is gonna be good, I can tell.”

“I am Merida, firstborn descendant of Clan Dunbroch. And I’ll be shooting FOR MY OWN HAND!” How can you not get chills as well as being proud of a young lady standing up for her own future. To see Merida on the ice shooting her bow will be a jaw dropping experience.

Disney on Ice

Merdia will not be the only young woman otherwise known as Princess to take charge of her own future. “I’ve heard a great deal about you, Fa Mulan. You stole your father’s armor, ran away from home, impersonated a soldier, deceived your commanding officer, dishonored the  Chinese Army, destroyed my palace, and… you have saved us all.” As you have read we will be seeing the extraordinary Mulan.

Disney on Ice Mulan

“Sheriff, this is no time to panic.” As you have guessed Buzz and Woody along with Jessie will be telling their story on the big ice. “If you’ve got troubles, I’ve got’em too. There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for you. We stick together, we can see it through cause you’ve got a friend in me.” Is one of my children’s favorite songs, as the music plays I wouldn’t doubt that we will be singing along as well.

Disney on Ice Toy story

From the adventures of Flynn and Rapunzel to the true love story of Beauty (Bell) and the Beast, we will be taken into our favorite story books. Living our favorite movies for an unforgettable evening with magical, heartwarming characters that will take us out of our chairs and dance to the music.

As one of the eight Disney On Ice productions I am thrilled to be beggining our count down for our enchanting experience as well as my fellow readers. Below you will find a button that will lead you to a four ticket give away thanks to Feld Entertainment. Please take a chance to watch the show with family and friends. I was also provided with a 20% off selected seats to a show you do not want to miss.

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Here’s your chance, look below!

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Here is where the magic is at: Disney on Ice 100 years of Magic

Running late as usual I found myself holding my breath as I asked for our Tickets to Disney on Ice at the Amway Center. I could hear the music in the distance while we searched the staircase numbers. Bella pulling on my arm and Elleanna Smiling I knew we were in for a treat.


Nemo’s voice echoed as we made our way down the stairs and to our seats. The girls faces lit with excitement as their wishes came true; for days now Isabella has been begging to go to Disney on Ice.


As we watched each Princess make their way onto the rink with their Prince’s I found my jaw dropped at their performances. The lifts, the twirls, the how do they make it look so easy when many of us cannot stand in the ice rink in skates let alone do a spin while lifting someone above our shoulders.


The laughs of Goofy and of course Uncle Michaels favorite Donald Duck as Isabella repeated numerous times to me came to the rink. I thought about it as we watched on four of the five fab were in front of us; watching a performance that I could not imagine seeing when I was their age. My mind on one thing, my eyes glancing back and forth from the rink to the children. Their happiness melted my heart.


 The magic didn’t stop there as the crowed roared with excitement as Anna and Elsa entered I found myself singing along to the gang. Watching some of my favorite childhood characters along with the new generations of characters I was pleasantly surprised. This show was perfect for all ages. Keeping your excitement and expectations to the max.


What Disney characters would you  like to see on the ice?