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A bash for Elleanna.

One little girl…


One little cake…


A room full of love

and a Princess dress to top the bash off!


It’s still crazy to think that Elleanna is one, I’m seeing her facial features changing and watching her become so independent. Before leaving Maryland a couple of weeks ahead of time I was serving this amazing table of four women having drinks and food. Laughing and talking about mom moments I found myself telling them all about Elleanna’s birthday and how I’m a blogger looking for someone who may be able to help create dresses for the girls to wear to the birthday party. Little did I know how this table would change not only my stress level but also adding an outstanding touch to Elleanna’s birthday.

Prefect Princess gowns with love stitched into every detail. (Too bad Elleanna looks drunk or something here or this would be an amazing photo… still is anyways!)

Courtney began showing me pictures of adult dresses she designed and told me to contact her and she would help Geraldo and I out. I didn’t know if she could do one or both dresses for Isabella and Elleanna. I didn’t know how they would turn out and I didn’t know if they would be everyday wear or that Princess fairy tale.


With the days following Courtney and I began to email, talking about patterns and colors I found myself excited for the creation the Courtney would be doing. Lace, bright and Princess like the gowns added that perfect touch to the party.

If you are ever in need of that elegant dress for a holiday, birthday or special evening out I recommend Corse’Couture and Courtney’s outstanding stitching and eye for fashion.

@corsecouture (Instagram)


From caterpillars and snails to chips and dip we had snacks lined up on The Beacon Hotels bar. With plenty of room to sit and eat; the many tables in the conference room set up for cake I wondered who would show in our long list of invites with the weather being snowy.


Pictures laid out on cake tables and side tables showing Elleanna’s transformation, banners hung (though in a rush missing an N…) balloons scattered and goodie bags filled the bash was great; though not perfect missing many family and friends from Abuelos and Grannies, ti-ti’s and tio’s along with cousins our hearts ached for the party would go on. We cannot wait to celebrate with those far away soon though with the many holidays to cherish with the children, the birthdays to set off with a bang. I was pleased to see Uncles and Aunts, cousins and little ones show with my best friend and Princess and the ever so touching moment that my family of four blew out Elleanna’s birthday cake (though mainly Isabella blew it out and we fought Elleanna over a lollipop to smash the cake).

Getting ready to blow the candle out as a family, Isabella beat us to it though.

Daddy got Elleanna with her birthday cake smash.

She just wont give up that lollipop.

I cannot thank everyone who helped set up, coordinate and participate along with showing up to The Beacon Hotel in Oswego New York.


You all helped create an amazing venue, food and surround Elleanna with love near and far. From the special touch with their Princess dresses to the confetti balloons made by daddy; the snails and caterpillars made by Amber, Joyce, Emily and myself; the photos and flowers set up by Krista, Mike @thisdadsview and breathtaking photos by Heather @SugarnSpicelife. My handy helper Renee and Vanessa for changing the girls into their dresses and beautiful necklaces by Courtney. I know many have helped with many aspects of this birthday and I cannot thank you enough.


What did your little one wear for their first birthday bash? Have you ever looked for that perfect handmade dress or suit? (@corsecouture)

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Our Precious Elleanna is ONE?!

With each season passing we’re watching our little ones growing; paying no mind to whats actually happening. From their facial expressions changing, to their speech and attitudes we briefly forget that our babies are growing up… Soon those late nights staying awake for the late night ta-ta calls to staying up waiting for those sneaky teenagers to sneak back in the house.

I remember going into labor with Elleanna, waking Geraldo up at 4am after being uncomfortable for hours (weeks actually stubborn little girl), to walking around the hospital as Geraldo did his squats with me and made me laugh with the pain. Seems like yesterday…

I remember Geraldo video-taping us while in labor… Right after my epideral he started filiming the room and saying this is where you were born… I’m about to be a dad in about two hours. My response “No sooner then that!” and us going back and forth for a moment… “Ok in an hour..”… “No babe less then 30 minutes!” “Ok see you in ten minutes Elleanna!” and guess what he called it at 11:07am he predicted ten minutes and at 11:17am Elleanna was laying on my chest, chubby cheeks with her ten toes, ten fingers and crying. The overwhelming feeling of tears, watching as “first time dad” held his daughter. I remember my mother coming in and saying I can’t believe you already had her and crying. My mother was there for Isabella’s birth all 39-40 hours of labor! She was there when I didn’t get that first moment of relief, of being a mommy while Isabella was rushed off to be checked.. This time I had a man, we had daddy to cut the cord and to hold my hand and “talk” me through the contractions. (Though we really need to work on his talking skills for our next baby if there is one because I don’t think I can go through “Talk to me please!!!” “What about?” “ANYTHING TALK!” “Whats your favorite movie?” How that didn’t take my mind off the pain, I tried so hard to not take medications.. For both children I waited as long as I could 27 hours with Isabella and until 6 cm with Elleanna after weeks of being 4cm.


I remember Elleanna being weighed, my reaction of “She’s a chubby baby!” though to find out she was about the same as Isabella but also shorter. 18 inches and 6.14 pounds our rainbow baby had arrived.

I remember watching her sleep, co-sleeping with her for months… Watching her lay on her father for hours, now we’re chasing her around the house as she is walking running with no help. I’m hearing “Mama and dada…” and watching as her sister teaches her everything. I can’t believe it’s been a year. Not only a year of firsts but a year of breastfeeding; we’ve grown closer then you could ever imagine! Though I didn’t see myself breastfeeding then once she was on after birth I didn’t see it lasting more then a month… Then three… Six… Nine… A year and still going strong.

The months it took for us to pick out the perfect name, the photos of Daddy talking to his Princess, holding my stomach as proud as can be. The moments of Isabella checking on her sister in my tummy and whispering secrets. I’ll be cherishing those forever. As the weeks grew closer to Elleanna’s first birthday depression set in not only for the fact my baby is now turning into a toddler but also for the fact that we now are in Maryland the people I always imagined at her birthday we had left in Florida. Sadly my cousin in-law wouldn’t be able to take first birthday photos, my parent in-laws wouldn’t be helping smash cake in her face or her uncles and aunts be able to help set up for a birthday bash. My depression of taking them away at such an important part of her life (though she won’t remember it) hurt us. Knowing the grandparents and aunts and cousins that were there for the pregnancy, showing up to meet her after she was born hurt me. We keep telling ourselves well have a large party when we get home, everything will be perfect but my father and his wife knew it was upsetting. Inviting us along to New York was a way to be there for her first birthday. To let people enjoy, meet and be part of this special moment..

So we began our travels a van full of eight as packed as sardens, with birthday decor and luggage, snacks and children we set off to make the best first birthday we could…

More of Elleanna’s first birthday and our amazing dresses to come…

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Teething with Baby Chomp Chomp

In exchange for my time and efforts in reporting my opinion within this blog, the owner of BabyChompchomp has provided me with complimentary teething necklaces and amber necklace for Elleanna. Even though I receive these benefits, I always give an opinion that is 100% mine.

As she digs her nails in I brace myself for the teeth; as a breastfeeding mother I am aware of what is about to happen… Though I find myself stomping my foot down as I’m walking through the store feeding; how the customers around me are unaware of the pain that just went jolting from my ta-ta up my chest and down my entire body. Elleanna sure loves to bite, nothing like her sister Isabella was (though complete opposites with feeding methods).

I hear a cry from the girls bedroom and Isabella holding her finger. “Sissy bit my finger!” she screams out as I enter the room. Gone for just a moment to check on laundry and my girls are already beating each other up or maybe just the youngest is beating her older sister.

As I braid Isabella’s hair for school I see Jaws out of the corner of my eye… Da na.. Da na.. Da na.. OUCH! Elleanna’s at it again, biting anything in sight from toys to mommy’s leg. From being held onto to feeding I find myself waiting for the nails, the bites and the screams when I say “No!”; how do I stop this or how do I at least make it less frequent?

After reading many posts in my breastfeeding group I saw a post from this wonderful woman Jennifer; after further reading that she owns her own business with teething necklaces and many other fashionable items such as amber necklaces I reached out. Jennifer was so kind to offer some items from Baby Chomp Chomp such as two teething necklaces and an amber necklace for Elleanna to try. How my ta-ta’s are relieved!


This beautiful rainbow colored teething necklace known as the Brielle necklace made of 100% food grade silicone BPA free, FDA approved has caught Elleanna’s eyes the most! Jennifer was also kind sending a navy colored Tanner necklace which is made of more of a jeweled shaped 100% food grade silicone also and also Elleanna’s very first cheery amber necklace.

Elleanna’s amber necklace is perfect from the screw on and off snap to the length and how between each stone there is a knot! I’m amazed at the safety that Baby Chomp Chomp has provided while soothing our little ones and making a fashionable statement to motherhood.

If you don’t know much about the amber necklaces I copied a short explanation from the site…

How it works: When a baby is wearing an amber teething necklace, it warms with the body‘s natural temperature, releases healing oils from the amber which are absorbed through the skin into the bloodstream.

I am very excited to say that since wearing these teething necklaces Elleanna has cut back on scratching, biting and pinching. With her full attention on these wonderful, colorful and playful necklaces my arms and chest is very grateful.

Looking for a great way to keep baby occupied and soothed I recommend these necklaces!
Photos of Elleanna’s amber necklace while in work are soon to come as soon as I can catch this runner..

How do you keep your little one from pinching, scratching and biting you?