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Day # 4: why not be a tourist?

As a child I remember traveling a lot, leaving class early during holidays sometimes; like fourth grade for example to head out west to California. Visiting all kinds of places from Arizona and seeing Montezumas Castle National Park, to horse back riding near the busy streets of California. Exploring Las Vegas's casinos or taking a… Continue reading Day # 4: why not be a tourist?

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Day #3: Perfection is outdated

There is no such thing as perfection; I know many want to believe they have the perfect life... Perfect spouse, children, job, beauty and so forth; let’s be honest there is no perfect. We make the best of what we have! As I look at my generation I notice there’s no beliefs in fixing the problems… Continue reading Day #3: Perfection is outdated

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Day # 1: My own worst enemy

Have you ever had that crippling moment? The one where it feels like the world rests on your shoulders; that someone is literally sitting on your chest to the point of unbearable breathing? I have that, well also throw in shooting pains in the chest and numbing in my arm. I have a problem; it’s… Continue reading Day # 1: My own worst enemy