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Day # 4: why not be a tourist?

As a child I remember traveling a lot, leaving class early during holidays sometimes; like fourth grade for example to head out west to California. Visiting all kinds of places from Arizona and seeing Montezumas Castle National Park, to horse back riding near the busy streets of California. Exploring Las Vegas’s casinos or taking a detour off the hiking trail to rock climb. I’ve been lucky to see many places in my young life, though I don’t remember every detail and I am ashamed to say I didn’t take in all the moments like I should have.

When I had my first daughter it was just us; we traveled to New York a few times as well as Washington D.C but not to all the breathtaking places I had been. Then we became a family of three with daddy and not long after Elleanna made her way; and in 2018 Isaacs arrival. We haven’t done much traveling since. A trip to Panama City for a “family vacation” on our way to Maryland; which we thought we would call home. But home was in our thinned out blood in Florida; missing the heat and all the tourist destinations and family. We’ve done short day trips or weekend trips to the beaches like Saint Augustine… We certainly haven’t done the traveling I grew up on as a kid.

I remember flying into the airport in Florida with my Aunt and mother one trip; taking my first ride on the monorail and seeing the palm trees light up in the evening skies. When I was a child we did a lot of traveling by car, some trips were by plane but to be honest I am very foggy with the memories. Fighting in the car with my brother and our game boys, getting motion sick and having the SUV overly stuffed is one of the memories I have.

Now fast forward, a mother of three now I’m looking to have my children experience some of that love for tourism. Though at this time we’re unable to travel much but to close by destinations it doesn’t take the marvel out of their eyes…

“Mom, Mickey Mouse!” Elleanna screams from the back seat.

I waited over a year to finally use some movie tickets, with Isaac’s first birthday quickly approaching and summer wrapping up… The girls didn’t have many opportunities to be tourists like I had hoped. The long list of must do’s was halted with car issues, finance hurdles and just the obstacles of life. Disney Springs has a wonderful movie theater, a great opportunity to act like tourists in our own backyard.

Unaware of the plans the girls were thrilled as we briskly walked from the car through Disney Springs to the movies. A quick photo-op and then the real fun would happen.




After purchasing our tickets, popcorn and soda we made our way to the seats. Isaac tagging along in the ergo (My life saver!) he drifted off to sleep after a few minutes of the movie. What better way to wrap up summer then Toy Story 4; after years of waiting my children would also enjoy the memories of Sheriff Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Jessie, Hamm, Rex and their pals. Little did I know that not even half way into the movie the kids would be fidgeting and asking to leave; no I didn’t give in! We don’t have many outings like this, nor was I about to waste the tickets and money.

Towards the end the girls were thrilled they watched the whole movie. Talking about their favorite parts, characters and acting out scenes; I was happy I made the choice to stay. Isaac woke minutes before the movie ended, and has a new favorite character he likes. Buzz Lightyear!

Then it was time for lunch, knowing the restaurants would more then likely be packed and our picky eater made choosing a place difficult… They spied it, T-Rex. After working with T-Rex’s sister restaurant, Rainforest Cafe the girls were used to going to either place at least once a year. It had been almost two since we’ve ate there now; after my medical leave and being let go to take care of my health and the baby, the girls begged.


“Remember when we went here with daddy and Titi Nay Nay?” Bella remembers everything, sometimes it’s bitter sweet when she does. I have that problem of remember things, the most simple things like what my husband wore on our first date; where we met and how late he was to the date… But I cannot remember what I need when I enter the grocery store or my passwords to some accounts. Palm to face, embarrassing. 


It was Isaac’s first time not only in T-Rex and seeing the dinosaurs, to the movies but also in a high chair! At almost a year old I finally caved, he wouldn’t be on me in the ergo; my back was killing me and the heat had me drenched.

A quick trip on the train for Elleanna, as usual for our Disney Springs adventure.

Some splash time fun for all…


And what better way to end a day of tourist style living then with a new Buzz Lightyear just like the movie.


I can’t provide my kids with the breathtaking views of the Grand Canyon yet or the smell of the ocean air on a cruise ship; but I can offer them tourist like living in our own backyard.

What do you do when you can’t take those summer trips?

How do you keep the wonder in your children’s eyes instead of the boredom at home?


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