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Day #3: Perfection is outdated

There is no such thing as perfection; I know many want to believe they have the perfect life… Perfect spouse, children, job, beauty and so forth; let’s be honest there is no perfect. We make the best of what we have! As I look at my generation I notice there’s no beliefs in fixing the problems or maybe there are the rare few.  Many believe the grass is greener on the other side and thank you social media for making the temptation, judgement, jealousy and down right depressing views of how we should have our life’s together be.


We have apps that change our makeup, hair, blemishes. We have magazines and websites, not even mentioning the commercials showing us how to be “beautiful”. What is beauty if it is not natural though? What am I teaching my daughters if I am spending hours on a daily basis; “covering my poke-dots” as Elle likes to remind me? Not only are these showing us what “beautiful” should be in the eyes of others but it also shows our children what they should judge others on. How is that right?

Yes I color my hair sometimes and I wear makeup… I don’t make it a must do. I’m not saying that it’s wrong to feel beautiful or do these things; so please don’t become offended. All I’m saying is my opinion… I don’t want my children to put themselves down, cry at night or not want to be seen because they don’t look a certain way that society believes they should look.

We’re teaching children to judge when in fact we should watch them. Look how they love and see no name brands, makeup, color, money; they see a new friend. As they grow these commercials, magazines, ourselves to be down right honest teach our children to be.


What happened to the cartoons we grew up on; though to look back they did have some violent behavior. Hahah (Tom and Jerry). Now I see what my girls try to watch and I fear for what they are soaking in with their beautiful minds. I see my girls being kind to all, and at times question things. Let’s be honest I’m scared of what comes out of their mouth; for example Elleanna seeing my uncles prosthetic leg and saying “You have a robot leg!?”. I couldn’t help but laugh, what if next time it is to a stranger that would be hurt by it?

Elleanna is coming to a stage of noticing things; makeup and hair done is a big thing as well as clothing. Just this week we were in the store and she said, “mommy, we do our hair and makeup and nails and pretty dresses. Like oooo la-la mommy!” So look at what the shows are teaching the children; what I may be teaching them by wanting to have makeup done sometimes or coloring my hair.

What is perfection? Is perfection that white picket fenced house? That old time wife in the kitchen in a beautiful dress while the husband has a newspaper reading in the living room and the children do their homework. My perfect is my husband playing with the kids while we fish with a bbq going. I would like to cook in the kitchen while he plays with the kids or helps with homework. I refuse to give into the grass is greener on the other side or what society believes is the correct way to live and raise my children.


I refuse to give into needing to lose weight for everyone else to think I’m beautiful. I refuse to let my children believe they need to live up to a standard set by others. Happiness is ours, it’s what we make of it. There is no perfection in my opinion, I don’t care what you post on social media trying to prove you have it all together.. No one has it all together twenty-four/seven. Again just my opinion!



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