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Are you ready for war?:Hard Knocks Pointe Orlando

Our newest adventure brought out the Tomb Raider in me. I was jumping, rolling and hiding under tables; this time I wasn’t hiding from the children but ready to pounce and attack the rival team. I felt like I was special forces on a mission or maybe even a cop. None the less I was into the laser tag and could see myself mission after mission all day!


We entered Hard Knocks laser tag with smiling faces greeting us with a welcoming atmosphere. As you take a look around the building there were two separate areas to sit with a beverage-snack stand to reenergize us.

Little did I know the televisions I believed were for decoration would come to haunt me with the taunting of my fallen comrade and rival team. When introduced to our mission we were given a locker for our valuables (VERY PLEASED! I even had my own code and yes I almost locked the code in the locker haha.) As well as we signed wavers on the computer before watching televisions located near the lockers. We were given a break down of what to expect and what kind of weapons we would be able to use.

It was time to gear up!


Though we arrived at opening this gave an advantage. The three of us (myself, Geraldo and our friend Manny) were alone, no rivals currently giving us the time to learn the surroundings. And also chase one another throughout the map… I admit I was out of breath giving me the mindset that I need some more laser tag to get me in shape. A few rough patches throughout our first mission from my failed sliding across the floor to Manny almost getting hit in the head with a “gun”. The many times I hid or turned a corner and scared myself with the monitoring worker right there which triggered my giggling then giving away my position. Fail.

After a short break for food downstairs of Pointe Orlando we were back at Hard Knocks, this time opening the doors to a full house! Excitement ran through me, I was ready to go. Packing the locker full of our items we set out to listen to the rules and be split into teams. This time we were together as a group… Well that would help to a certain extent. Because I knew the three out of seven members on the team which will later get me “killed”. After a few rounds with a large family, that had us cracking up and finally had me feeling as if I wasn’t the only confused solider!

Our last round I may have had a focus.. As I hid behind filing cabinets and under desks, popping up and crouching in the darkness the rival team had no idea what was coming. I was going crazy, firing away at the rival team reloading and attacking! I watched as my team member “Manny” was taken out as well as Geraldo (Rival team). I didn’t know who was left on his side but I had to win! As 7 Vs 7 came down to 4 vs 2…. And then there was one which we may have chased down and cornered. As I exited the barracks leaving behind my vest and weapon Geraldo and Manny began to laugh and act as if they were playing still. I didn’t understand why.. Until after all their laughter was finished I got the story. I was on the televisions as they watched the Laura Croft in me come out! I so wish they had a tape of that (yes I am very proud of my solider like skills haha).

As we watched Hard Knocks fill up all I could imagine was coming with a group of friends. I couldn’t explain a better indoor activity great for rainy or sunny days for pre-teen to adults to enjoy whether as a family, friend or date. Yes I said date there’s more than movies, dinners and coffee! So lets set out to find these new date nights, new activities to laugh and keep moving to.

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Our summer bucket-list 2017

The pitter patter of your feet upon the sidewalk as you race me to the house brings flash backs and realization that your time as a child is speeding by. I’ve always wanted to be that mother, the kind of mother that my children were proud of. That the first day of school they’d be asked what did you do this summer? Their response full of excitement and happiness as they spoke of the many magical places they saw. Next year Isabella will be in first grade… Boy did the time fly by. I can remember our first trips… Just you and I, as we adventured to D.C and New York and our many trips to West Palm. It seems like yesterday we were listening to music heading down the 417, snacks in hand and smiles on our faces.

Not only is Isabella growing up too quickly in my eyes, so is my sweet baby girl Elleanna. To tell you girls the truth, you will always be mommy’s baby girls (whether you like it or not ha-ha). Elleanna began daycare/school this spring and will be attending throughout the summer while I am working. Another reason why I would like to make the best of our summer. My chunky monkey is now walking, talking and climbing trees!

So let’s begin our summer bucket list on a budget! We have about 9-10 weekends together during this time, as well as my Thursday’s off which is about 10 as well. Where can we go? What will we see? What adventures await to be added to the wall of family fun?

I’ve been doing research into the Turtle Hospital in Key west as well as the aquarium. That would be a perfect weekend get away.. Due to the fact the distance is around six to seven hours driving time (ouch!).

Cocoa Beach, Florida April 2017

I’ve also been looking into the springs around Florida and beaches.

  • Silver Springs: Glass bottom boat tours, canoe and kayak rentals. (Those might not be great for the children, but more research to come.)
  • Rainbow springs: Swimming, tubing, snorkeling, hiking with gardens and waterfalls. (This could be a more family friendly activity.)
  • Saniable Island Beach ( which is about a four to five hour trip to both Saniable and Captiva.)
  • Captiva Island which is north of Saniable (both locations would be wonderful for the shell seeking children I have.)
  • St Augustine: Ghost tours and the Fort as well as the oldest wooden school house. Many historical sights as well as memories of my childhood trips with my Auntie and Mother.

As you can see I’m just beginning my research on some outdoor activities and places to take the children this summer. If you have any other ideas or perfect places to show the children please comment below. Here’s to keeping the children outside and away from technology to make memories because we all know that we don’t have many summers left until they are grown and no longer wanting to be around mommy. I dread the day they tell me they don’t want to cuddle or not to kiss them at school.






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Dare to wonder with Wonderworks Orlando?

In exchange for my time and efforts in reporting within my blog and social media networks Wonderworks has provided myself and my family with complementary tickets. Though I have been given these items my opinion within my social media and blog is a 100% my own.

Searching through the Internet, scanning the booths as we walk the flee markets… I wonder if there is any other entertainment in our area that is bypassed by some while visiting and not taken advantage by the locals. After picking up many flyers and remembering years passed, before being a Floridian some may say; I remember visiting Wonderworks Orlando. “Is it still the same?”… “Will the girls have fun?”… So many questions flying around in my head; after reaching out to Wonderworks and receiving our complementary tickets the only thing left was to pack our diaper bag and head to International Drive. image Tickets in hand I felt like a child, excitement building as to how my daughter’s would enjoy. I remember going in previous years with a high school friend, Else. We had such fun, running around the lazer tag feeling as if we were secret agents. But when we went they didn’t have the rope trail that I remember or a snack bar? image “Mommy what’s that noise?” Bella asks as we walk along side of the upsidedown building from the parking garage. ” Look up Isabella.” We kept telling her as she was confused looking at the upsidedown building we explained that we were going in it to play.

We started like everyone else in the Natural Disasters testing out the 1989 5.3 magnitude earthquake. To the 71 mph hurricane like winds and as a northern girl I couldn’t help but stick my hand into the freezing 28F waters similar to those of the Titanic disaster of 1912. Taking photos in different posses we were told they would be done within an hour. Plenty of time for us to play, learn and enjoy laughs together. And who could forget the steel armor gloves making ourselves lightening rods.


We then headed to the Physical challenges… Awaiting us the Bed of Nails with 3500 nails to lay on we found that just an adult activity that wasn’t for Elleanna (1) and frightened Isabella (4). The Bubble Labwas next… I remembered the bubbles from before; knowing the girls would love to play there we headed to that right away. Putting each other in a big bubble and making the largest bubbles they’ve ever made. Watching their eyes light up, the laughter echoing through the room. After being blown by the hurricane I thought it would be perfect. Testing our strength on the Pulley Power I watched Geraldo help Isabella… But it was another challenge that Elleanna was unable to do.  image Trying to find actives for the girls to do was a bit more difficult then I imagined. Geraldo tried his best to help Isabella with actives that she couldn’t do alone. We watched the girls faces become frustrated at some of the actives, unable to participate or confused they were becoming less impressed with the surprise. My heart became saddened as I tried to find areas for the girls. Having the girls walk across the giante piano notes and make music. They were just lossing their momentum to keep going. Their attitudes began to change as we tried our best to keep them actively participating. Tugging on my arm, the crying and of course no stroller to relax them and not worry about people running them over walking. I began to lose my happiness; after building up such a positive, happy thought of what the day could be it was going the complete opposite due to the ages of my children and actives we were introduced to.


Hoping that the Space Discovery would help a bit with the photos in the space suit and the Mercury Capsule, testing our weights on Earth, the Moon and Mars. Geraldo landed a space shuttle with Elleanna helping… But again there wasn’t much for her to do. I felt terrible and the children felt overwhelmed with a 100 hands on actives and hardly any for children their ages. image We found ourselves searching the Imagination lab in hopes Elleanna could find something from the giant Wonder Brite to the Gear works it wasn’t working out for us. We took our finger prints in the Forensic Science Exhibit… Geraldo was arrested for eating too much candy they said. Elleanna’s finger was too little and Isabella was melting down. We had to keep moving!


Crowds everywhere we found ourselves in the most populated area. Lazer tag, 4d theater and indoor ropes course. When I previously visited at a younger age I don’t remember the ropes… But since the entrance we knew we couldn’t do much after being told by an employee that the children were too small… We headed our way downstairs again. imageWhen we arrived downstairs we found the cafe. Pizza, nachos, hotdogs, popcorn and beverages along with much more. It was a great area to relax, decide if you may want to go back and try a challenge again or for the first time. A great place for family to make plans and refresh themselves.


Heading out the cafe area and into the gift shop we found the photo pick up, stuffed animals, clothing, candy and toys. Oh gosh this was going to be a hard place to get out of with Isabella, though the kids acted up we bought a cup of candy. A treat.. While waiting on photos to be finished. Due to the fact we got through the activities, challenges and educational areas so quickly because of our children’s attitudes and lack of being able to participate our photos weren’t finished. The employees were so kind and offered to quickly do them. Thankfully though it was a rough trip because of the ages of our children we had a great, scared looking, family photo.

It’s hard to tell what actives, entertainment and attractions would be best for your children whether on vacation or having a family fun day here at home in Orlando. I have to say Wonderworks is an attraction best for children of a greater age then my own. Perfect for teenagers and young adults; an experience with friends, family or a date.

What attractions would you see with your family while visiting Orlando?

We know Disney is a big one along with Universal but keep your eyes open to the Wonders out there.