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Naturally Natiive

Have you ever thought about all the chemicals we put into our bodies? Not just with the processed foods that we eat but also with the chemicals in the soaps and shampoos. After becoming a mother I look a bit closer at the ingredients, but lets be honest not hard enough. After a trip to Lake Nona’s Farmers Market I got a better glimpse into a business that creates such wonderful products. From shampoos, soaps, lip balm and beverages to moisturizer, lotion and sanitizer spray.


I was honored to speak to Doctor Carmen Williams about her products. An outstanding woman to say the least; looking to better everyone’s life with one product at a time. Doctor Williams are her family personally test the products themselves.


After using the moisturizer soap for over a week I saw so many differences in my skin. Feeling softer, healthier and less skin irritation. A mixture of shear butter, coconut oil, brown sugar essential oil and sodium hydroxide. You can find sodium hydroxide in many everyday products but for the moisturizer you wouldn’t find high levels of the sodium hydroxide. It is an inorganic compound but is used to create/hold a Ph level for the soap. and FDA approved in many cosmetics, soaps, shaving creams and other personal care.

While using the moisturizer I also checked out the shampoo. It wasn’t what I was expecting; the texture was more watery then I expected so the first time using it took my off guard. After a week though my hair felt softer, seemed to shine a bit more and wasn’t breaking as easily. With long hair that I also color its hard to find a product to keep my hair vibrant and healthy. Created with a few similar items as the moisturizer Coconut oil, water infused with rosemary, lavender flowers and jasmine, rose buds, lemon slices and lavender essential oils; but also including Dr Nikkis Castile soap. I love flowers, the scent, the beauty; basically everything about flowers but that’s after working as a florist on different occasions.

We used the hand sanitizer so much over the last month as well; the girls used it before and after every dance class. When we took trips out to eat; easily carried in my small purse without spills! The fragrance was beautiful, not overbearing like the alcohol filled sprays. Many may think that the hand sanitizer doesn’t properly clean but I was able to speak to Doctor Carmen Williams about the pros of the hand sanitizer. The mixture of lemons, tea tree oil, aloe Vera, and rosemary essentials create a compound to kill bacteria, promote healing, and prevent fungi growth.

I was privileged to be able to try Kombucha; a beverage that has been around for over two-hundred years. It has studies showing the benefits gut health, strengthen immune system, dietary. The studies also have found benefits of helping reduce heart diseases, cancers and anxiety. I tried the fruit punch flavor, hoping to get the girls to taste it. Let’s just say that was a battle, I even tried to trick them into saying it was soda. Doctor Carmen Williams informed me that it was safe for children in smaller dosages, 3-4 ounces. It would give the children the probiotics and antioxidants they needed; and a healthy drink for mommy to share with her girls.

I can say I am truly wow’ed by Naturally Natiive and their vast amount of outstanding products. Created with love, positive thoughts and energy for great health for all those who use them. Thank you Naturally Natiive, thank you Doctor Carmen Williams.

If you would like to see more of the products Naturally Natiive produces please check out, add and follow them on Instagram:  @naturallynatiivellc or on Facebook Naturally Natiive LLC.



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