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Dare to wonder with Wonderworks Orlando?

In exchange for my time and efforts in reporting within my blog and social media networks Wonderworks has provided myself and my family with complementary tickets. Though I have been given these items my opinion within my social media and blog is a 100% my own.

Searching through the Internet, scanning the booths as we walk the flee markets… I wonder if there is any other entertainment in our area that is bypassed by some while visiting and not taken advantage by the locals. After picking up many flyers and remembering years passed, before being a Floridian some may say; I remember visiting Wonderworks Orlando. “Is it still the same?”… “Will the girls have fun?”… So many questions flying around in my head; after reaching out to Wonderworks and receiving our complementary tickets the only thing left was to pack our diaper bag and head to International Drive. image Tickets in hand I felt like a child, excitement building as to how my daughter’s would enjoy. I remember going in previous years with a high school friend, Else. We had such fun, running around the lazer tag feeling as if we were secret agents. But when we went they didn’t have the rope trail that I remember or a snack bar? image “Mommy what’s that noise?” Bella asks as we walk along side of the upsidedown building from the parking garage. ” Look up Isabella.” We kept telling her as she was confused looking at the upsidedown building we explained that we were going in it to play.

We started like everyone else in the Natural Disasters testing out the 1989 5.3 magnitude earthquake. To the 71 mph hurricane like winds and as a northern girl I couldn’t help but stick my hand into the freezing 28F waters similar to those of the Titanic disaster of 1912. Taking photos in different posses we were told they would be done within an hour. Plenty of time for us to play, learn and enjoy laughs together. And who could forget the steel armor gloves making ourselves lightening rods.


We then headed to the Physical challenges… Awaiting us the Bed of Nails with 3500 nails to lay on we found that just an adult activity that wasn’t for Elleanna (1) and frightened Isabella (4). The Bubble Labwas next… I remembered the bubbles from before; knowing the girls would love to play there we headed to that right away. Putting each other in a big bubble and making the largest bubbles they’ve ever made. Watching their eyes light up, the laughter echoing through the room. After being blown by the hurricane I thought it would be perfect. Testing our strength on the Pulley Power I watched Geraldo help Isabella… But it was another challenge that Elleanna was unable to do.  image Trying to find actives for the girls to do was a bit more difficult then I imagined. Geraldo tried his best to help Isabella with actives that she couldn’t do alone. We watched the girls faces become frustrated at some of the actives, unable to participate or confused they were becoming less impressed with the surprise. My heart became saddened as I tried to find areas for the girls. Having the girls walk across the giante piano notes and make music. They were just lossing their momentum to keep going. Their attitudes began to change as we tried our best to keep them actively participating. Tugging on my arm, the crying and of course no stroller to relax them and not worry about people running them over walking. I began to lose my happiness; after building up such a positive, happy thought of what the day could be it was going the complete opposite due to the ages of my children and actives we were introduced to.


Hoping that the Space Discovery would help a bit with the photos in the space suit and the Mercury Capsule, testing our weights on Earth, the Moon and Mars. Geraldo landed a space shuttle with Elleanna helping… But again there wasn’t much for her to do. I felt terrible and the children felt overwhelmed with a 100 hands on actives and hardly any for children their ages. image We found ourselves searching the Imagination lab in hopes Elleanna could find something from the giant Wonder Brite to the Gear works it wasn’t working out for us. We took our finger prints in the Forensic Science Exhibit… Geraldo was arrested for eating too much candy they said. Elleanna’s finger was too little and Isabella was melting down. We had to keep moving!


Crowds everywhere we found ourselves in the most populated area. Lazer tag, 4d theater and indoor ropes course. When I previously visited at a younger age I don’t remember the ropes… But since the entrance we knew we couldn’t do much after being told by an employee that the children were too small… We headed our way downstairs again. imageWhen we arrived downstairs we found the cafe. Pizza, nachos, hotdogs, popcorn and beverages along with much more. It was a great area to relax, decide if you may want to go back and try a challenge again or for the first time. A great place for family to make plans and refresh themselves.


Heading out the cafe area and into the gift shop we found the photo pick up, stuffed animals, clothing, candy and toys. Oh gosh this was going to be a hard place to get out of with Isabella, though the kids acted up we bought a cup of candy. A treat.. While waiting on photos to be finished. Due to the fact we got through the activities, challenges and educational areas so quickly because of our children’s attitudes and lack of being able to participate our photos weren’t finished. The employees were so kind and offered to quickly do them. Thankfully though it was a rough trip because of the ages of our children we had a great, scared looking, family photo.

It’s hard to tell what actives, entertainment and attractions would be best for your children whether on vacation or having a family fun day here at home in Orlando. I have to say Wonderworks is an attraction best for children of a greater age then my own. Perfect for teenagers and young adults; an experience with friends, family or a date.

What attractions would you see with your family while visiting Orlando?

We know Disney is a big one along with Universal but keep your eyes open to the Wonders out there.

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A tip from your server…

Dear table 34;

After greeting you so friendly at the door to be shocked by the total number of guests that would be in your party. Twenty… Let me repeat that TWENTY. I along with a fellow server we took time away from our other tables to set up a “table” for twenty, that being said I situated myself and got ready for an organized order with laughs and polite conversing. Little did I know you have now changed your guest count to an eight top. That’s fine, wonderful in fact I can focus more on each person their order, refills and my other tables… HA-HA you tricked me! After being ordered back and forth for more ranch, refills, dislikes of Bahama Mamas and Long Island Ice-tea I asked a young girl what was wrong… If there was anything I could get her, when she went on to tell me about being stressed and her children. After which I began to talk about mine, I took time from my other table in which was waiting for only a to go item to finish and to pay their check. You asked to see photos and said how adorable they are, I ignored your guy friends while they kept asking for my number, my age and my name. Well hello my name tag is on my shirt… But thank you for not noticing or hearing when I greeted the table saying “Welcome to… My names Melissa I’ll be your server tonight can I start you with a Corona, Long Island Ice tea or maybe a lemonade?

When it came time to pay you acted like I was a complete moron and couldn’t count how many beers your party had… You tried to rip me off more then once even after I took off two drinks because you disliked them… When checks were separated and each person began to pay I brought back change for some, I ran for to-go boxes and I laughed with you. I told you to have a wonderful, careful night as you left the bills on the table with money. I’d like to thank you for my .31 cent tip… After seeing that I have children, after saying you know what it’s like to be a waitress… But maybe just maybe you need it more then I do; though at times like these I think everyone needs a little help.

Maybe one day you’ll know what it’s like to run back and forth, smile even after hearing another waitress tell you that your table was calling you names and laughing at you. Maybe you’ll know what it’s like to have a bad tip from not only that one table that messed with you but another table thinking you forgot about them because your attention then was split but unfairly 25%-75% when your snapping your fingers, waving your arms and making a scene so I rush to your aid.

Thank you table 34.


To everyone that visits a restaurant I want you to know how one table can ruin your day; how we live tip to tip not pay check to pay check or make so much that we don’t have to worry. At the end of the week or biweekly we aren’t looking for our paychecks because we already know how they look. We are taxed so harshly that we end up with no paycheck or enough to order a couple things off the dollar menu.

We aren’t all college students just there for a moment to get some play cash, we’re parents and adults on our with our own bills and needs never mind our wants. All I’m really saying is when a server approaches you don’t begin to judge them like oh they have four tables our $67.81 meal we only need to leave a couple dollars. Tip appropriately please.


There’s moms like me missing the first moments with their children; missing first words, first wave or maybe their oldest child’s first soccer game or school event. While you are enjoying your meal and see us smiling, playing and so attentive to the children you are with maybe it’s because we are missing our own; unable to make them dinner, help them color and laugh. Our hours are unsteady, we wash silverware and roll, dishes, restock and refill drinks, napkins and prep foods that you all are ordering. We’re sweeping, mopping and keeping a smile as hard as we can; but you have that make it or break it option. With the attitude you give us, sometimes we make mistakes whether in the kitchen or front we are all human. There’s just no way of being perfect 24/7; we’re thinking about table 34 and what they just asked me to get or how I’ve ran back and forth six times already for the same things because instead of everyone speaking at once that they’d all like ranch or honey mustard they have me doing laps.

Then there are the amazing tables…

Dear table 76,

Thank you for the laughs, for noticing I wasn’t from here and asking all about where I’m from. When finding out I am a mother you took the time to ask their ages, their names and make me smile remembering why I’m working so hard. Thank you for your kindness and for tipping so gratefully $41 on a $59 check. You made my night! You made me remember there are still good people out there that care, that see a mom trying her best for her children and seeing that though I may be busy I remember details. Whether first time or everyday customer I remember your order, I promptly refill your drinks and talk you into a dessert.  (Or try my best.)

Thank you table 76 for being so kind. 


We’re all just trying to make a living, though this isn’t what most of us thought our future would be is just getting by or stressing over bills and holidays. If we all took the time to care about one another a bit more, understand maybe the waitress is on a double and is hungry also. We don’t get regular breaks like you might at any other job. But not just waitresses having tough times, the cooks and the dishwasher from the employees that instead of saying ok it’s a mistake find someone to blame. From the plate not having enough fries or the spoons being out when you need it for a soup… Help one another out, remember no one’s perfect that’s why its called teamwork.

Always be kind, for everyone is fighting a hard battle. -Plato

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Teething with Baby Chomp Chomp

In exchange for my time and efforts in reporting my opinion within this blog, the owner of BabyChompchomp has provided me with complimentary teething necklaces and amber necklace for Elleanna. Even though I receive these benefits, I always give an opinion that is 100% mine.

As she digs her nails in I brace myself for the teeth; as a breastfeeding mother I am aware of what is about to happen… Though I find myself stomping my foot down as I’m walking through the store feeding; how the customers around me are unaware of the pain that just went jolting from my ta-ta up my chest and down my entire body. Elleanna sure loves to bite, nothing like her sister Isabella was (though complete opposites with feeding methods).

I hear a cry from the girls bedroom and Isabella holding her finger. “Sissy bit my finger!” she screams out as I enter the room. Gone for just a moment to check on laundry and my girls are already beating each other up or maybe just the youngest is beating her older sister.

As I braid Isabella’s hair for school I see Jaws out of the corner of my eye… Da na.. Da na.. Da na.. OUCH! Elleanna’s at it again, biting anything in sight from toys to mommy’s leg. From being held onto to feeding I find myself waiting for the nails, the bites and the screams when I say “No!”; how do I stop this or how do I at least make it less frequent?

After reading many posts in my breastfeeding group I saw a post from this wonderful woman Jennifer; after further reading that she owns her own business with teething necklaces and many other fashionable items such as amber necklaces I reached out. Jennifer was so kind to offer some items from Baby Chomp Chomp such as two teething necklaces and an amber necklace for Elleanna to try. How my ta-ta’s are relieved!


This beautiful rainbow colored teething necklace known as the Brielle necklace made of 100% food grade silicone BPA free, FDA approved has caught Elleanna’s eyes the most! Jennifer was also kind sending a navy colored Tanner necklace which is made of more of a jeweled shaped 100% food grade silicone also and also Elleanna’s very first cheery amber necklace.

Elleanna’s amber necklace is perfect from the screw on and off snap to the length and how between each stone there is a knot! I’m amazed at the safety that Baby Chomp Chomp has provided while soothing our little ones and making a fashionable statement to motherhood.

If you don’t know much about the amber necklaces I copied a short explanation from the site…

How it works: When a baby is wearing an amber teething necklace, it warms with the body‘s natural temperature, releases healing oils from the amber which are absorbed through the skin into the bloodstream.

I am very excited to say that since wearing these teething necklaces Elleanna has cut back on scratching, biting and pinching. With her full attention on these wonderful, colorful and playful necklaces my arms and chest is very grateful.

Looking for a great way to keep baby occupied and soothed I recommend these necklaces!
Photos of Elleanna’s amber necklace while in work are soon to come as soon as I can catch this runner..

How do you keep your little one from pinching, scratching and biting you?