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Princess spa with our #disneyside

In exchange for my time and efforts in reporting within my blog and social media networks I have been provided with an amazing products in order to host our @homecelebration to show our #Disneyside. Even though I have received these benefits my opinion is always  100% my own.


This past week we celebrated my daughter and sisters fourth birthday, jointly showing our #Disneyside with a pirate fairy theme. Swords, fairy wings and pixie dust was among us as we sang a very happy birthday to these two “big” girls. With family and friends from out of the area and some in I thought it would be a perfect time to treat the girls to a “Princess Spa” with goodies and relaxation. Due to weather inconveniences and timing with other events ending the girls night with a “Princess Spa” seemed to be a great way to show the last bit of #Disneyside for the evening.


I spent some time trying to come up with a creative but useful item that the girls could use after the party… Their spa buckets filled with goodies from princess ring pops, puzzles, tiaras and lip gloss I found the bath-balls to be the largest hit.

disneysidecelebration5A bucket especially personalized for each Princess with their name and a Disney Princess quote on the reverse side seemed suiting. A personalized message to remind each girl of their beauty, wishes and dreams.



As their little toes hit the water I wait for the Disney magic to explode; as we watch their smiles, eyes lighting up and the gears in their heads turning I wonder what it would have been like if the weather had been better in earlier days for the larger planned idea. Though I will sit here smiling as I watch my daughter, sisters and their cousins and friends enjoy in some relaxation Princess style.

disneysidecelebration8We had the idea to use the Princess table-cloth they gave us as a barrier between the spa water and the carpet. With each Princess posted at their own seat we began with the revealing of what they had in their spa buckets which lead to crowning and their foot-baths; toe nails polished and snacks in hand they were treated as royals with foot massages to end.


Treating the girls with Honest Juice boxes, veggie chips and Crunch Pak apple slices we found no need to sugar the Princesses before bed with the cookies I had bought. Sadly the idea of a tea party with the spa was a bit too late for these Princesses; though they will come in handy with upcoming #Disneyside events when we arrive back in Florida. As Disney fanatics we find ourselves surrounded by Disney whether we are living near or far with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Sofia the First or an all time classic of Snow White playing on the television. Like Toy Story with Jessie, Woody and Buzz we have toy chests and toy nets holding Disney bears, Nemo and friends with just a bit of #Disneyside in our everyday lives from car rides to nightly stories we are filled with wishes, dreams and memories of our Disney experiences.

We have spent time dressing up (as shown in Confessions of a crazed mother: Part One) to visiting Jake and Sofia during their summer road trip (Power of doing good). Our excitement is building with our upcoming trip back to Florida, being close to Disney again to visit the wonderful Magic Kingdom or my old working ground of Epcot. This is just the beginning of our #Disneyside!

Special thanks to Crunch Pak for the healthy treat for our Princesses; the crunchy apples as if they were freshly sliced bursting with flavor hit the spot not only for the girls but also for Mommy’s.

crunchpak2I ran from Safeway, Target, Giant and Wal-mart looking for these goodies. (Easier found in Wal-mart at Florida but I only found them in Target large packs here in Maryland.)

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A tip from your server…

Dear table 34;

After greeting you so friendly at the door to be shocked by the total number of guests that would be in your party. Twenty… Let me repeat that TWENTY. I along with a fellow server we took time away from our other tables to set up a “table” for twenty, that being said I situated myself and got ready for an organized order with laughs and polite conversing. Little did I know you have now changed your guest count to an eight top. That’s fine, wonderful in fact I can focus more on each person their order, refills and my other tables… HA-HA you tricked me! After being ordered back and forth for more ranch, refills, dislikes of Bahama Mamas and Long Island Ice-tea I asked a young girl what was wrong… If there was anything I could get her, when she went on to tell me about being stressed and her children. After which I began to talk about mine, I took time from my other table in which was waiting for only a to go item to finish and to pay their check. You asked to see photos and said how adorable they are, I ignored your guy friends while they kept asking for my number, my age and my name. Well hello my name tag is on my shirt… But thank you for not noticing or hearing when I greeted the table saying “Welcome to… My names Melissa I’ll be your server tonight can I start you with a Corona, Long Island Ice tea or maybe a lemonade?

When it came time to pay you acted like I was a complete moron and couldn’t count how many beers your party had… You tried to rip me off more then once even after I took off two drinks because you disliked them… When checks were separated and each person began to pay I brought back change for some, I ran for to-go boxes and I laughed with you. I told you to have a wonderful, careful night as you left the bills on the table with money. I’d like to thank you for my .31 cent tip… After seeing that I have children, after saying you know what it’s like to be a waitress… But maybe just maybe you need it more then I do; though at times like these I think everyone needs a little help.

Maybe one day you’ll know what it’s like to run back and forth, smile even after hearing another waitress tell you that your table was calling you names and laughing at you. Maybe you’ll know what it’s like to have a bad tip from not only that one table that messed with you but another table thinking you forgot about them because your attention then was split but unfairly 25%-75% when your snapping your fingers, waving your arms and making a scene so I rush to your aid.

Thank you table 34.


To everyone that visits a restaurant I want you to know how one table can ruin your day; how we live tip to tip not pay check to pay check or make so much that we don’t have to worry. At the end of the week or biweekly we aren’t looking for our paychecks because we already know how they look. We are taxed so harshly that we end up with no paycheck or enough to order a couple things off the dollar menu.

We aren’t all college students just there for a moment to get some play cash, we’re parents and adults on our with our own bills and needs never mind our wants. All I’m really saying is when a server approaches you don’t begin to judge them like oh they have four tables our $67.81 meal we only need to leave a couple dollars. Tip appropriately please.


There’s moms like me missing the first moments with their children; missing first words, first wave or maybe their oldest child’s first soccer game or school event. While you are enjoying your meal and see us smiling, playing and so attentive to the children you are with maybe it’s because we are missing our own; unable to make them dinner, help them color and laugh. Our hours are unsteady, we wash silverware and roll, dishes, restock and refill drinks, napkins and prep foods that you all are ordering. We’re sweeping, mopping and keeping a smile as hard as we can; but you have that make it or break it option. With the attitude you give us, sometimes we make mistakes whether in the kitchen or front we are all human. There’s just no way of being perfect 24/7; we’re thinking about table 34 and what they just asked me to get or how I’ve ran back and forth six times already for the same things because instead of everyone speaking at once that they’d all like ranch or honey mustard they have me doing laps.

Then there are the amazing tables…

Dear table 76,

Thank you for the laughs, for noticing I wasn’t from here and asking all about where I’m from. When finding out I am a mother you took the time to ask their ages, their names and make me smile remembering why I’m working so hard. Thank you for your kindness and for tipping so gratefully $41 on a $59 check. You made my night! You made me remember there are still good people out there that care, that see a mom trying her best for her children and seeing that though I may be busy I remember details. Whether first time or everyday customer I remember your order, I promptly refill your drinks and talk you into a dessert.  (Or try my best.)

Thank you table 76 for being so kind. 


We’re all just trying to make a living, though this isn’t what most of us thought our future would be is just getting by or stressing over bills and holidays. If we all took the time to care about one another a bit more, understand maybe the waitress is on a double and is hungry also. We don’t get regular breaks like you might at any other job. But not just waitresses having tough times, the cooks and the dishwasher from the employees that instead of saying ok it’s a mistake find someone to blame. From the plate not having enough fries or the spoons being out when you need it for a soup… Help one another out, remember no one’s perfect that’s why its called teamwork.

Always be kind, for everyone is fighting a hard battle. -Plato

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And then there was twelve: Fosters Grille

From family of ocho to family of twelve, surrounded by screaming girls and much yet to do for a Frozen party. A party that surrounded my young sister Hailee with the love of family and friends but also the wonderful Elsa and Anna as a surprise; though a few days ahead we had six little girls and four of the six adults starving while anxiously reviewing the list of to do’s.

Foster Grille3

Thankfully Heather and I ran into this wonderful gentleman named Scott while grocery shopping with our rambunctious three-teens and sisters a few days previously. I of course am a big mouth, while ordering our sandwich meats and cheeses at the store happen to notice this nice gentleman walk up; knowing I’d take a while with a large list I made a serious note while joking. Thankfully Scott was amazing, when we returned after his other shopping… Yes we were still there ordering a few last items while the girls munched on just about everything we had in the grocery carts. As we began to speak, I noticed an accident in his voice; NEW YORK! After chatting each other up a bit about how were from upstate New York he spoke about Fosters Grille and how he is the owner. Little to our knowledge did we know of this great place… After checking out Scott found us with some free kids meal coupons.. A prefect opportunity for both our family to eat, whether while the older girls were at school or as a family of ocho…

So back to our family of twelve… With the long list of to do’s from grocery stores to malls our hungry bellies needed some tender loving FOOD! A perfect opportunity to sit down with our six girls and relatives from New York and chat with some excellent, mouth-watering wings, burgers and my favorite onion rings.

Fosters Grille

The environment was friendly, welcoming and fun we couldn’t help but smile, laugh and enjoy the much-needed relaxation. With a small bar perfect for a date night, a friend get together or even some family nights. Let’s face it whats the harm in one beer while sitting for an hour or two chatting?

From the decor of NASCAR items to the game machines for children.. Maybe even adults also if they are like myself and Geraldo. I was impressed with everything, from my deep-fried hot wings, onion rings to the service we were given. The special touch Scott had put into making our children feel welcome and loved with cookies and attention it certainly is a restaurant I would come back to time and time again.

Foster Grille2

But the fun had only begun for this visit, with the family of twelve ready for a winter wonderland for Hailee’s birthday, the drinks to be had and the laughs yet to come….

Do you know of a small, but quaint place for a relaxing night out with the friends, family or even a date?

Ladies night at Fosters might be the next outing for this mommy.
(Sadly I have lost all my photos from the past 5.5-6 months of Isabella, Elleanna and my outings along with first days of school, soccer and many more… Along with Fosters photos.)