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Party of eleven with Disney on Ice: Road Trip Adventures


I am a Feld Entertainment Blogger Ambassador, and in exchange for my time and efforts in attending shows and reporting my opinion within this blog, as well as keeping you advised of the latest discount offers, Feld Entertainment has provided me with complimentary tickets to Feld shows and other exclusive opportunities.

For days we counted down, writing notes to the girls for their school lunches. Then our joys were put on pause with fear of hurricane season; with Hurricane Dorian we began preparing and the girls began asking questions about the show. Would it be canceled? As we watched the hurricane track intently I confirmed the show would still be on! The distraction of Disney on Ice Road Trip Adventures was just what we needed as we watched the destruction of that Hurricane Dorian left. Our prayers go out to all those who have been affected; I cannot imagine the heartache you feel.

Our party of eleven on board for the Disney on Ice Road trip adventures and let me tell you it was definitely an adventure! Three adults vs. eight kids; the children excited to see one another outside of school! Melissas-Miles winner to the Disney on Ice tickets decided to attend the show with the kids and I; the children only have the opportunity to say a quick hello and hug between classes in the hallway. It was a treat for them and the adults to have a chance for a little less anxiety about attending the show alone with the children. I must say this show gave me all types of emotions not just with the performance but also the intermission that will be forever stuck in my mind. (That’s another story I’ll have to tell…)


We were running a bit late, nothing unusual about that with a large group or even with me by myself. Either I’m thirty minutes early or I’m racing against the clock. I had timed it so we would be there 45 minutes before the show began but with some difficulties parking we walked in as the show began. One of my all time favorite original movies from childhood Mary Poppins (1964 production) and now the latest Mary Poppins Returns (2018 production). The musical number Trip a Little Light Fantastic written by Emily Blunt, Joel Dawson, Leeries, Lin-Manuel Miranda and Tarik Frimpong; was spectacular on the streets of London. It had my son clapping, his first Disney on Ice show.


Mickey Mouse and pals took the ice with their magical bus; taking not only the gang but also a family on the next stop on Disney on Ice Road Trip Adventures. When Goofy loses control and is helped by the Incredibles! Saving the day as always Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, Violet, Dash and Jack-Jack with Frozone put out the dangers and saved everyone!



The shores of Montunui with Moana had the audience in a the feel good, happy place singing Where you are written by Auli’i Cravalho, Christopher Jackson, Louise Bush, Nicole Scherzinger and Rachel House. Enjoying the comical, musical number by Maui is always a delight! Capturing the importance of adventure as well as teaching us to believe in ourselves and take chances.


Dreaming of Summer with Olaf, the skaters were not only insync but mesmerizing. Always a laugh with Krisoff at the end, “I’m going to tell him.”; one of many of our family loved songs. The characters looked convincing, looking identical to their movie.

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Though I was very pleased with the Lion King performance, I was a bit disappointed in the props and costumes. Rafiki and Timon were my favorite costumes; well Pumbaa and the safari animals I didn’t like how the costumes were presented. The only comparable word I can think of is slinky, due to the spaces between parts. The musical numbers were great, keeping the children in tranced in the parents childhood movies. Growing up on Hakuna Maratha, and then enjoying the song with my own children was heart warming.

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Another childhood friendly turned new with Woody and the gang, on their adventure with new pals Bunny and Ducky; as they were on the look out for the new generation favorite, Forky. With Toy Story 4 being the latest movie we have seen in theaters, Isaac’s first movie, it was exciting to see Forky. Though they kept the place moving with throwing the balls and the large trash can as a main prop; I felt like years before had more creative props and captivating performance.


Seeing more of Jasmin and Aladdin was a nice reminder of love, with A Whole New World. Jasmin flying through the air was magical; her almost unseen harness created an unexpected surprise. Including the genie from the newest production of Aladdin; I felt could have been played by a performer themselves rather then the television projection of the movie. I can admit I was excited to see Will Smith playing the genie on the television but I believed it took away from the overall performance of the figure skaters.

Ending with seeing all the characters throughout the show as well as special appearances from Alice in Wonderland, Ariel and more ended the show with a powerful note.


We had some bumps throughout the show, that were not the shows fault. From the rude gentleman sitting in front of my children; who became upset at my winners one and a half year old son walking behind the seats. Truly a man unaware that we were at a family event or maybe had too much to drink but in my opinion there was no excuse for his manors and insults towards myself, winner and family. It was a trying event, myself, winner and grandmother were three adults vs. eight children ranging from 11 months to ten. As I was helping my son put the straw he stole from my drink back in, I briefly looked down and that’s all it took. Elle wandered away from me, a parents worst fear. My heart dropped, my world started crashing and there I saw her. Between the people walking between us there she stood crying. Judge me all you want, I judge me. The mistake of looking down for a moment took my attention off her. As we were all standing together after getting a drink during the thirty minute break I failed as a mother. Wrapping my arms around her, tears in my eyes and Isaac squished between us in his carrier; I saw my whole world flashing in front of me as I squeezed onto Elle.

Besides the bumps, emotional roller coasters we adventured on;    we laughed, we sang, and we cried. We clung to the complete joy and mesmerized eyes of our children. Each year the Disney on Ice show is a family outing we count down to and look forward to the years to come.


For upcoming shows:

Sunrise Florida September 12th through September 15th.

Miami Florida September 19th through September 22nd.

Atlanta Georgia September 25th through September 29th.

Fairfax Virginia October 2nd through October 6th.

Baltimore Maryland October 9th through October 13th.

Hershey Pennsylvania October 17th through October 20th.

Worcester MA October 25th through October 27th.

Hampton Virginia October 30th through November 3rd.

Newark New Jersey November 6th through November 10th.

Brooklyn New York November 16th through November 17th.

As well as many more cities now until January 2020 ending in Cleveland Ohio. 


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