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Day #3: Perfection is outdated

There is no such thing as perfection; I know many want to believe they have the perfect life... Perfect spouse, children, job, beauty and so forth; let’s be honest there is no perfect. We make the best of what we have! As I look at my generation I notice there’s no beliefs in fixing the problems… Continue reading Day #3: Perfection is outdated

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Day #2: I may have failed…

It was taunting me as I rolled the grocery cart past it; after a day of swimming with the children my mind was banging like a drum. There in front of me, my weakness all neatly stored upon the shelf. As I placed the 2 liter of Mountain Dew in my cart I knew I… Continue reading Day #2: I may have failed…

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Day # 1: My own worst enemy

Have you ever had that crippling moment? The one where it feels like the world rests on your shoulders; that someone is literally sitting on your chest to the point of unbearable breathing? I have that, well also throw in shooting pains in the chest and numbing in my arm. I have a problem; it’s… Continue reading Day # 1: My own worst enemy