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Declaring your love with **Pillowgram giveaway**

In exchange for my time and efforts in reporting within my blog and social media networks has provided me with an amazing 16*16 Pillowgram and also the chance for a Pillowgram giveaway. Even though I have received these benefits my opinion is always  100% my own.

Chocolate’s and heart shaped cards… Sweet poems, romantic songs by a candle lit dinner. Roses for miles.. Alright, really who am I kidding my Valentines day is nothing like that! I find myself last minute shopping, heart shaped box of candy, maybe a hand made Valentine. Last year I was a bit crafty with the girls; (Isabella only almost 3 and her sister just 3 months old) I took their feet and hands to make daddy a special Valentines day card. It would be his first one from Elleanna so I wanted everything just right. Two hearts one large and one smaller, the words “I Love you” written largely but with a unique touch. Using Elleanna’s foot for the L and Bella’s hand for you O I put a remembrance of how tiny they were in 2014.

This year I need to top last years gift… Thankfully Collage people have an amazing pillow in which can fit MANY pictures on it. With different designs and shapes that could be made with the photos and a perfect touch writing something sweet at either the top or bottom. I finally found the perfect gift for daddy’s Valentine from his smallest Valentines at .

Loving the special touch of a sweet quote.

I had planned on getting the girls all dressed up for Valentines day in the amazing outfits their cousin Shelly had helped purchase but my schedule has been very busy. As a waitress I find myself stumbling in many nights in pitch black hoping not to wake everyone; my days are filled with ” Did I do the laundry?” “Has Elleanna had her nap?”, “What’s for lunch? And is that really the time!?”…  I try hard to do something crafty with the girls.. This year I pulled my sister’s and daughters aside for some foam hearts addressed to Mommy and Daddy’s; and I hope to take photos of them holding their Valentines and do something more crafty with them but time will tell.

Back to my point though… I was unable to find the time with the girls in the Valentines Day outfit to take photos for this amazingly crafty and cherished gift for daddy’s Valentine; so I improvised.


I tried many different shapes using the heart, the lips and the LOVE but I didn’t like my photos being cut off. I wanted all our family photos and the girls to be seen. The love those girls hold for their father is overwhelming and I want this Valentines day to show the love our family has for one another. Through our ups and downs, rough mornings of hair combing and late nights of sleep deprivation the love you see in those little Valentines of ours reminds me of what “True Love” is.

All the different shapes the photos can be made with.
All the different shapes the photos can be made with.

What better way to celebrate Valentines day with a gift that will last year after year and not end up in the garbage because the flowers are wilted and gone or the chocolates just broke your New Years resolution. A gift you can share near and far. If you’d like to see more of’s amazing products you can find them on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Do you have some Valentines day crafts to share with us?

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Wrapping those special


The lighting setting perfectly in the background, a tree decorated and shinning lights as the glow of my princesses smiles light up our Christmas photo. What better way to add a touch of love to presents for family near and far then this wonderful wrapping paper?

collage people2


I never imagined how amazing it could be to wrap grandparents gifts with the smile of my girls. The clarity  and special text that I personally added was as if I had picked up a limited edition wrapping paper. And that’s just what it is, next year the girls won’t be this small and our photo will be in a different location (maybe even different state).

christmas wrappingpaper

I was shocked at how amazing.. How perfect our ornament, wrapping paper and aluminum print came out. Taken back for a moment thinking we look like were the perfect family, no problems just happiness. captured that perfectly with their special touches of adding text to wrapping paper (Happy Holidays 2014) and the text on the ornament.

The perfect size, rounded corners and special touch of date and greeting.


Its our first Christmas that we’re away from mothers, fathers, in-laws, cousins, brothers and sisters… Though I cannot explain the happiness to have a Christmas with my father again, to see my sisters faces light up on Christmas morning with my girls also; but also helping Heather bake cookies and wrap gifts. It’s a bitter-sweet Christmas… Though these special touches make those who are a far (Nana, Abuelo and Granny) feel like we’re still around and to know we didn’t forget about them.

collage people3
Isabella showing off our family aluminum photo to her sister.

We get to send our girls smiles while keeping our perfect family photo for ourselves; I cannot wait to keep this a family tradition of the girls photos on grandparents wrapping paper. I’m beyond overjoyed with this experience, the overall website that offers and their prices not extremely high for the merchandise I’m looking at for.

Our wonderful aluminum family photo; 11*14.

All the steps were so helpful, easy to use and wonderful backgrounds and text fonts to choose from; Geraldo and I are overjoyed with our picks and cannot wait to order next years. (Well we can, lets not have the girls grow up that fast on us.)

Have you ever thought about making an ornament

or wrapping paper as gifts for family near and far?

I have three giveaways for these amazing products.

First: 11 by 14 aluminum print

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Second: Your family ornament

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Third: A special touch with a 6ft roll of wrapping paper (Add your special photos and text).

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One red envelope filled with a special Christmas Memory: Santa writes!

After talking about new Holiday Traditions I wondered what we could do for these excited little princesses we have in the house. While looking on USFamilyGuide I saw an opportunity for a new tradition, Santa’s personal letter. What better way to start a new Holiday Tradition! Isabella has become very excited, shopping in the stores and seeing Santa’s photos “Mommy Santa Santa!” … Along with stopping me on my way out to go work “Mommy tell Santa bring Elleanna surprises too please”.
Santa is ready to send a beautiful package fully personalized just for your special loved ones. Simply select the package you would like and watch your child’s absolute JOY when he or she receives a letter straight from the North Pole that talks all about them personally – what they want for Christmas and what they have done to be good. Watch your child’s eyes light up when they see their names on the Nice List!
Bring the magic of Christmas into your child’s life with
15% off any purchase – Use promo code: FG15 @usfg
I cannot wait to see Isabella’s overwhelming joy when she receives her mail from Santa.
They even have letters for boyfriends/husbands… Hmm Geraldo might just be receiving one.