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Wrapping those special


The lighting setting perfectly in the background, a tree decorated and shinning lights as the glow of my princesses smiles light up our Christmas photo. What better way to add a touch of love to presents for family near and far then this wonderful wrapping paper?

collage people2


I never imagined how amazing it could be to wrap grandparents gifts with the smile of my girls. The clarity  and special text that I personally added was as if I had picked up a limited edition wrapping paper. And that’s just what it is, next year the girls won’t be this small and our photo will be in a different location (maybe even different state).

christmas wrappingpaper

I was shocked at how amazing.. How perfect our ornament, wrapping paper and aluminum print came out. Taken back for a moment thinking we look like were the perfect family, no problems just happiness. captured that perfectly with their special touches of adding text to wrapping paper (Happy Holidays 2014) and the text on the ornament.

The perfect size, rounded corners and special touch of date and greeting.


Its our first Christmas that we’re away from mothers, fathers, in-laws, cousins, brothers and sisters… Though I cannot explain the happiness to have a Christmas with my father again, to see my sisters faces light up on Christmas morning with my girls also; but also helping Heather bake cookies and wrap gifts. It’s a bitter-sweet Christmas… Though these special touches make those who are a far (Nana, Abuelo and Granny) feel like we’re still around and to know we didn’t forget about them.

collage people3
Isabella showing off our family aluminum photo to her sister.

We get to send our girls smiles while keeping our perfect family photo for ourselves; I cannot wait to keep this a family tradition of the girls photos on grandparents wrapping paper. I’m beyond overjoyed with this experience, the overall website that offers and their prices not extremely high for the merchandise I’m looking at for.

Our wonderful aluminum family photo; 11*14.

All the steps were so helpful, easy to use and wonderful backgrounds and text fonts to choose from; Geraldo and I are overjoyed with our picks and cannot wait to order next years. (Well we can, lets not have the girls grow up that fast on us.)

Have you ever thought about making an ornament

or wrapping paper as gifts for family near and far?

I have three giveaways for these amazing products.

First: 11 by 14 aluminum print

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Second: Your family ornament

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Third: A special touch with a 6ft roll of wrapping paper (Add your special photos and text).

a Rafflecopter giveaway

8 thoughts on “Wrapping those special”

  1. I have ornaments on my tree that my mom gave me and they are pictures of my brother and sister and me when we were little made that we must have made in school. At my house we string past holiday pictures around doorways and it is nice see a long ago picture and have those great memories come back. We get our photos developed at a store.

  2. I am not the greatest present wrapper but I try hard. I like to match wrapping paper to the person I am am giving the gift too. My Nana loves frogs so I always wrap her presents in some kind of frog themed wrapping paper.

  3. I have an ornament that holds a special place on my tree. My best friend made a picture of us into an ornament when we were kids and it was my first ornament that was ever given to me. My collection has grown over the years but this is alays the first one on the tree.

  4. i love making ornaments. it’s so awesome to have them throughout the years – I even have some from when I was a kid!
    I have never used personalized wrapping paper but do love the idea!

  5. We do picture ornaments every year and we also keep one of our Christmas cards every year and we bing them all together.

  6. We are HUGE on special ornaments and get new ones every year to remember at diff years so I am super excited about a chance at winning one of these!

    1. I’m so glad to see that I’m not the only one that loves the beautiful bows and tags; though this year I was a bit lazy with it due to my doubles at work… That’s why I’ve been behind on my posts; upcoming posts on the way. #Ezsqueezees

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