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Just trying to be a mother…


Here I am just trying to be a mother; overcome with the obstacles of organization, planning and time management. Three kids later and that has all been thrown out the window. The days of long showers and sleeping in late are but a fading memory; though the memories were creating are so much better. My apologies for being missing in action, I’m trying my best to be the best person I can be for my children, family and friends. I know I’ve come up short especially to my readers; so here’s a bit of an update.


We’re juggling homework and adventures; the saying it takes a village to raise a child is no joke. There’s days that I fall short of patience or don’t make the best judgment calls… But then there’s days we sit, laugh, talk about our day and have a treat. Like Mc Donalds on a rare occasion.


There’s the moments we breath in the fresh air as the weather begins to get cooler. Walking, scootering (if there is such a word) and blowing bubbles.


Then there’s the days we break into tears over homework, failed promises and the need for our own space. By our own space I don’t mean just me and a bathroom break but our own rooms. Our one on one time with each other. Mommy & daughter or Mommy & Son. Daughter & Father or Father & Son. As a family of five in transition of a new home, we find our own space to be but a distant dream we’re chasing.


We’re trying to create lasting memories; with an upcoming trip to Puerto Rico which will be later discussed next month. I’m trying to find ways to be healthier and active with the kids; from working out or walks. I just don’t know how some people do it. I feel like a chicken with my head cut off running around after mini me’s.

Today is one of those days; from one appointment to the next by two o’clock we’ve seen 3 appointments, 1 store and missed our first nap. Please wish me luck with the next appointment at the school for parent teacher conferences; this will include a one year old that has missed his morning nap. Has MULTIPLE TEETH coming in and shots. For all my followers, you will see more of me. Just please be patient this juggling act is no joke, I cannot wait until the day Daddy is able to work less and participate in the no bathroom break while I sip on some wine.



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