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Day #5: The three M’s!

The rule of the three M’s are making messy memories! I love arts and crafts, hanging drawings the children did and in my earlier posts I wrote about wanting to enjoy some old summertime fun with my children. Get them off technology and open their eyes to the joys I had as a child. One of these joys would be tie dying shirts! I remember buckets of colors and pre-wrapped shirts. After this messy memories I now know and understand all the work that my mother, aunts, father… WHOLE family would put into making this memory. I am truly grateful for it… Though this M may have needed an extra set of hands for help!

I had been thinking about tie dying shirts for a few weeks as well as did some research on different products; but when the day came that I purchased the coloring and shirts… It was one that had some bad reviews; the other types of dyes weren’t ones I researched and far more expensive. I figured as a first time cheaper was probably better.


We laid down trash bags, soaked the shirts and as I sat there one by one putting rubber bands on the girls begged to go do something else. As I did all the hard work I thought about the many times I did this as a child; all the hard work my family put into making sure we had some creative fun! Rubber bands were everywhere.. I tried to follow patterns on youtube, researched some on google but lets be honest its me! I don’t follow directions very well sometimes… Ok I don’t follow directions most of the time!


The girls had their gloves on eager to begin as I handed over the shirts. I tried to organize as much as possible so there would be the least amount of damage to clean up on not only the ground but ourselves. I WAS VERY UNDER-PREPARED!

The giggles and manors of asking for other colors, to do it themselves and help for input from one another was worth the struggles of rubber bands!

I let the shirts sit more then the eight recommended hours in hopes that the colors would stick better. 48 hours later we rinsed them out one by one in the backyard hose. I learned my lesson and there would be no mess on the patio or inside; my hands were another story. Blue, purple, green were vibrant colors not only on Isaac’s shirt but also all over my hands. One by one I had the girls help reveal their shirts and hang them to air dry.

After a wash and dry inside as well the kids and I were finally able to wear our masterpieces, handcrafted with love, laughter and messy memories. We took those tie dye shirts out for the day as the four of us wore them not only to lunch, Lowe’s to pick out plants but also the grocery store.

The colors aren’t as vibrant as I like or hoped for; but I proudly wore knowing that I made a memory with the girls. And yes they are asking to do it again! This time I will prepare better… Probably not.


What are you secrets to the perfect tie dye shirts?


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