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You are my world.

I fall upon my knees and begin to pray... I'm praying for a better life for my children and I. I'm praying for more days spent like these. The little fingers between mine as I hear your small voice "mommy love you". It's days like these I live for, though its few as I work… Continue reading You are my world.

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Confessions of a crazed mother: Where has time gone?

The twinkle in your eyes as you smile with mischievous intentions in your near future I wonder where my baby girl has gone. Already four years of motherhood, messy diapers, bath time fights and snuggles in bed I couldn't imagine a time without her. We've been through many things and she's been my best friend… Continue reading Confessions of a crazed mother: Where has time gone?

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A bash for Elleanna.

One little girl... One little cake... A room full of love and a Princess dress to top the bash off! It's still crazy to think that Elleanna is one, I'm seeing her facial features changing and watching her become so independent. Before leaving Maryland a couple of weeks ahead of time I was serving this… Continue reading A bash for Elleanna.