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Day # 1: My own worst enemy

Have you ever had that crippling moment? The one where it feels like the world rests on your shoulders; that someone is literally sitting on your chest to the point of unbearable breathing? I have that, well also throw in shooting pains in the chest and numbing in my arm. I have a problem; it’s… Continue reading Day # 1: My own worst enemy

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Confessions of a Crazed Mother: Summer is for making memories!

Let me be bluntly honest, for those that know me already... You will probably be able to picture my explosion with the need of control. We had been planing on taking a trip to the beach; with our latest love of fishing and feeding the ducks, the need to fish in the ocean was a… Continue reading Confessions of a Crazed Mother: Summer is for making memories!


Guess who’s back?!..

Well hello there? It’s been a while to say the least. We’ve had many changes since I’ve been away. From growing apart to rebuilding new foundations of love, laughter, memories and strength. We’ve expanded the family name and stubbled around this messy road called life. Get ready...  Get set... The adventures, trials and tribulations of our… Continue reading Guess who’s back?!..