Fun Friday: Maryland State Fair

To begin early mornings are not easy… Especially when the night before you decide your time would be much better spent relaxing rather than packing snack bags, outfits ready and diaper bag all set. Well our early morning is off to a start I’m up and rushing to get myself ready along with the girls and wondering if I should wake Geraldo yet. Will he be able to get ready in thirty minutes? But to get to the point we packed our family of ocho in the car, where we were heading? The Maryland State Fair.

Isabella and I have been to the New York State Fair but this time it was different as a family, complete with Elleanna and Geraldo we would be on another Maryland adventure. With the van packed full of kids and parents we head off for our hour-long drive; oh how the third row seating is like being placed into no man’s land but with my girls. Unable to hear the discussions in the second and first row I zone out on the wonders of what might be ahead of us for the day.


Thankfully with my sisters, father and step mother that knew the Maryland State Fair and all the wonderful places we would take the girls for their entertainment and enjoyment. To begin of course with animals, as my sisters found themselves happily petting sheep, goats, donkeys and ducks along with many more animals I watched Isabella. Her hesitation, her wonder of what she should do left her frightened. With many opportunities of being helped with trying to pet the animals she became even more hesitant and steps aside waiting to head to another portion of the fair.


We found the cows and oh how they became very close to my father and Geraldo. Forced to milk the cow by my father along with the girls and step mother and I, Geraldo faced his fears. By faced his fears I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone milk a cow so fast! Next were the grain textures where Elleanna was trying to steal corn with her toes after her father took her out of playing in it. Yes she has those “finger toes” like her father… And I. Cow tags with the kids names and some educational activities then it was off to enjoy the rest of the fair.


Oh how the foods always catch my eyes. I’m the type that cannot be left alone with all these delicious but very evil foods.


After which the games, how those games always get the foolish… Yes that would be Geraldo. Ha-ha. A few games, throwing baseballs, darts and basketballs along with letting Isabella play that racing water game. And we all know you get the prettiest stuffed animals at the Fair… The keep forever type of stuffed animals; you know the ones that are hidden in the closet. After winning a rainbow monkey, seahorses and given a banana for good sportsmanship I told Geraldo we begin on our way to the next areas catching up with Dad, Heather and the girls. Where we were informed about a building with many neat venders, as they ate we headed toward the building. I’m so grateful for this as a history buff, though I know I don’t know everything it is my favorite subject. While we were inside we had the great opportunity to meet Luke, Luther Atkinson of Negro Baseball League and get his autograph and photo. (Sadly Geraldo blinked during the photo).


We learned about The Hubert V. Simmons Museum of Negro Leagues Baseball in Owings Mills Maryland. After just learning about this in the earlier weeks and watching movies I was in amazement, star struck. I hope with upcoming adventures we are able to visit The Hubert V. Simmons Museum of Negro Leagues Baseball and maybe I could speak to Mr. Atkinson about his experience with baseball during that time.


Next were rides, how can we not allow the children and Heather to enjoy some rides… Ha-Ha ok seriously now we all did get on the Marry-go-round as a family of ocho. As the day began to conclude we had to relax a bit before our long ride how. The horse show!



Must I say the Maryland State Fair was very enjoyable though I believe New York’s is larger? I hope to one day get to Florida’s. Though we lived there, some for our entire lives and others like myself for seven years you would think we would have gone. But that will be a future adventure.

What State Fair’s have you been to?

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