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Teething Bling: She has her Bling do you?

In exchange for my time and efforts in  participating with the use of Teething Bling jewelry and reporting my opinion within this blog, I have been provided with a complimentary Teething Bling necklace. Even though I receive these benefits, I always give an opinion that is 100% mine.

After The Big Latch on event, which I was introduced to Teething Bling I had to learn more about the jewelry that had caught the eye of my nine month old daughter. Elleanna had become very happy, playing and entertaining herself while feeding along with giving her something to sooth her sore gums from teething. I reached out to Teething Bling to see if Elleanna was attracted to all Teething Bling or just was content for that day.

teething bling4
After receiving the Teething Bling in a light pink, doughnut shape I hadn’t seen Elleanna happier, and Isabella due to the fact she believed now they both have a necklace. Sadly her happiness was popped when Elleanna wanted both. She seemed very please, and the necklaces were very easy for me to wear. Keeping one in my purse for when we went out in-case I forgot to wear one.

teething bling

I’ve had many outings thus far with the Teething Bling such as to the Maryland State Fair, mall and an interview. Yes I forgot that I had put it on earlier in the morning for Elleanna. (She seems to be going through a biting stage.) Thankfully with these necklaces I am able to keep her happy and my shoulder, arm and chest from being bitten.

teething bling6These amazing teething bling are prefect sizes, 2 by 2 they do not take over your outfit but add a touch of fun, love and color to it. Perfect for my little ones hands to be able to hold it, play and bite; made of federally approved silicone with a break away clasp on silky cord. I have never worn such a comfortable baby product that entertained and soothed my child before. I only wish I could have known about this product when Isabella was a baby, it would have saved my nose, shoulder and arms from bites and scratches.

teething bling2

At nine months and holding strong to breast-feeding, we have found a new friend, Teething Bling. I’m grateful to know that when I am at work daddy (Geraldo) is able to wear them also to sooth or keep her diverted from the fact I am not there. We’ve been pleased with this baby product and hope that our friends, family and readers also look into Teething Bling for their little ones.

 How do you keep your little one from biting, scratching or pinching you while teething?

teething bling5

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