An easy snack time helper : EZsqueezees

In exchange for my time and efforts in testing and reporting my opinion within this blog, EZsqueezees has provided me with complimentary EZsqueezees. Even though I receive these benefits, I always give an opinion that is 100% mine.

The spills, puddles and wonders of what is now laying on the floor… The highchair and maybe even in her hair I find myself questioning if there was an easier way for my girls to have their favorite healthy snacks. After researching around the internet a bit I found Ezsqueezees pouches and I think just in time…

ezsqueezees8I have become so desperate in the last few weeks… Multiple bath times a day because of Miss Independent wanting to feed herself just wasn’t working for this working mother. I tried everything as you can see including taking a straw into her yogurt and tapping it. I may be a bit creative, wacky, though it worked for a few minutes or half the yogurt until she began squeezing it with much more pressure.

ezsqueezees7My savior arrived right as Christmas was arriving itself! Which meant Christmas dinner was around the corner which would have our favorite side, applesauce. What a perfect time to test these newly found pouches out.

ezsqueezees6The large openings made pouring in apple sauce and mommy’s yogurt such an easy task without a mess. The tops gave me an opportunity to not think about it spilling while being filled… Thank goodness since my blond side usually forgets about this with other snack time helpers!

ezsqueezees5I have done some testing on them also… Mommy testing, holding them upside down which took a few minutes before spilling without the top of course but if the children are anything like my Elleanna they like to hold it over themselves or the floor. It’s like a challenge for Mommy to get to before the mess arrives. I was worried about the food being stuck in them after washing so I took extra steps. (Hand washing and straight to the dish washer.) I was beyond excited to see they were dishwasher safe!  In my own opinion the heat that the dishwasher would put on the product along with the soaps being used maybe in areas I didn’t reach well enough.

With my first daughter Isabella I used to steam her bottles, pacifiers and some toys. I was that paranoid mother that would make you wash your hands five times before holding her! Now after being a mother for about two and a half or three years before having Elleanna I thought I was a know it all on mothering by my second. Boy was I wrong!

Many changes from formula to breastfeeding and diapers don’t even get me started on what to feed her, nap times and story time routines. I’m getting off topic though so back to my point I learned how important snack time helpers were with Elleanna and also snacks on the go at all times for all ages.

ezsqueezees3 ezsqueezees4

We finally found a snack time helper with EZsqueezees that will be useful not only to Elleanna but also Isabella; from the kitchen to the car we’re set to eat our yogurts, applesauce and smoothies. Take a look at the wonderful recipes that EZsqueezees recommended us.

ezsqueezees2 ezsqueezees1


How do you keep your children’s snacks off the floor and in their tummies?

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