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Confessions of a crazed mother: Want to know a secret?

My alarm begins and I know a long day awaits ahead of me… Though my alarm is like no other, it is my oldest Isabella “Mommy I sleep on your floor?” then the faint cry of Elleanna from their bedroom begins. Truth is I just got home 2 maybe 3 hours before my wake up call and I am far from ready to begin my day.

Before breakfast I need to get myself together… Brushing the teeth and all that lovely bathroom routine though I like to slip into the shower I am never alone. With Elleanna opening every drawer and taking out nail polish, hair bands, makeup and trying to throw them in the shower as I think twice… “Did I wash my hair… Is the soap still in? No no I should condition it.. Wait no darn it I didn’t shampoo!” Isabella crying that she wants to go downstairs with my sisters and her MiMi. By the time I step my foot out of my eight minute shower (yes sometimes a bit more to wake me up) Isabella has already found herself downstairs and MiMi has already gotten the bowl of cereal together.

Guilt: I wanted to be fully awake.. Clean and ready to see other peoples faces before preparing any type of breakfast… I know that is a horrible thing I should go straight to the kitchen… But the taste in my mouth, the feeling of gross night of tossing and turning hiding under covers to be too warm. I end up with a foot out then an arm and finally there goes the blanket! Minutes later that chill of the Maryland winter catches up with me.. (Florida blood I apologize for the torture that I put you though.)

Strawberry Long Island

Here’s my guilty secret though… Long Island Ice Tea. Oh how amazing are you, an after work treat after serving many rude customers that think they must be the only table I have. Though as I run to six others, boxes shoved between my arm and ribs, a tray of eight drinks and a hand full of someones dessert; no I’m not busy at all let me stand and chat with you about what is on the appetizer platter that you read out loud four times before finally ordering. Oh look I was just sat again…

My Secret is… Like many I have a busy schedule and don’t get my wrong I am beyond thankful for my two girls and my job; the stress lays in some nights more then others. I need an escape to speak to an adult, to hear about something other then the whines of snack time or that sissy took her toy. ( You haven’t played with it for the last twenty minutes as you see across the room your sister pick it up you all of a sudden were playing with it?)

Some of the amazing girls I get to converse with. (My partner in crime though on the left side.)
Some of the amazing girls I get to converse with. (My partner in crime though on the left side.)

That one Long Island Tea puts everything into place, settling my nerves of attitudes in the work place and reminds me I go home to HEALTHY, HAPPY and for the most part children that listen. I go home to a bed, a roof over our heads and food in the fridge, though at 2am I swear it all must be hiding while I’m starving. I am thankful…

Do you remember after a bad day what you have to be thankful for?

And how do you unwind as a parent?

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