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Confessions of a crazed mother: Where has time gone?

The twinkle in your eyes as you smile with mischievous intentions in your near future I wonder where my baby girl has gone. Already four years of motherhood, messy diapers, bath time fights and snuggles in bed I couldn’t imagine a time without her. We’ve been through many things and she’s been my best friend through it all; through the time outs and upsetting moments… Through the laughing hysterically and our “mommy & daughter time” she’s been the one to know my failures and seen my success. Isabella Marie was my first reason at being a better person, being the best mother I know how. Though at times many don’t see eye to eye with how I raise my children; I see the good in my children and who they are yet to become. I see the obstacles they have and will do my best to have them lessened then what I have seen. I will stand by my girls while they reach their first crush, heartbreaks and falls. But in this moment I will take in the four years of motherhood to this perfect angel Isabella.

I remember the moment I found out I was pregnant, so scared of what I would do… How would I take care of you. “Oh god what if I hurt her while I’m holding onto her tiny body?!” was one of my largest fears. As time went on the excitement began to build, setting up the nursery adding special touches of your name above your crib I couldn’t wait for you to make your arrival.

Your first car ride home.

I remember putting you in the car seat to carry you out of Winnie Palmer as everyone smiled at the bright eyed, bushy hair princess as we strolled by it was official after about 40 hours of labor, bouncing on a medicine ball… Walking non stop and being induced I was finally taking my Princess home. The best was yet to come… And the fears!

For a week long I was so worried about sleeping alone in my bedroom with you in the cradle I once laid in as an infant… We (Nana and I) spent one week hyped on caffeine and laying on the sofa and love seat, falling asleep with you on our chests or watching you in the cradle. Learning how to make a bottle, burp and keep your little butt awake for feedings. Tia Nay-Nay noticed that first hand, she saw my fear and my break down of crying wondering why my baby girl wouldn’t wake for eight hours to eat no matter how hard I tried. Bathing you, loud noises and making you “Fist pump” to music… You were as stubborn as your mother and gave me my first heart attack as a mother.

Visiting the Washington Monument.
Plane ride to Washington Dc. (Not even a year old)

I spoiled you… I still do just we share a bit more now with sissy (Elleanna). We took trips mommy and Isabella to Washington Dc to see Grandpa and MiMi.. We took trips to New York to see Aunt Dee and Uncle Dave… We visited Disney constantly; though it helped when mommy was friends with Nemo.

Aunt Dee bought your first Disney balloon.

I cannot express how much you have taken my breath away… From your first word, steps, rolling over to your first birthday…


You still seem to amaze me now, with the new words… New activities and how you crack me up. You are one of the greatest gifts that I’ve been given. An opportunity to better myself, my life and the opportunity to be your mother and best friend.


A year has passed again, with many new things… Pre-K3 and soccer… Becoming more of a big sister. Elleanna already looks up to you, I see the love between you two and hope that it never fades. She is in our best friend group and we’ll teach her all our secrets..


Always remember you are my Princess, my baby girl no matter the age and that I am always proud of you… But where has the time gone!?


timegone8How do you cherish the time as your little ones get older?

Do you make photo books, non-stop photos and matching outfits (shoes)?


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Princess spa with our #disneyside

In exchange for my time and efforts in reporting within my blog and social media networks I have been provided with an amazing products in order to host our @homecelebration to show our #Disneyside. Even though I have received these benefits my opinion is always  100% my own.


This past week we celebrated my daughter and sisters fourth birthday, jointly showing our #Disneyside with a pirate fairy theme. Swords, fairy wings and pixie dust was among us as we sang a very happy birthday to these two “big” girls. With family and friends from out of the area and some in I thought it would be a perfect time to treat the girls to a “Princess Spa” with goodies and relaxation. Due to weather inconveniences and timing with other events ending the girls night with a “Princess Spa” seemed to be a great way to show the last bit of #Disneyside for the evening.


I spent some time trying to come up with a creative but useful item that the girls could use after the party… Their spa buckets filled with goodies from princess ring pops, puzzles, tiaras and lip gloss I found the bath-balls to be the largest hit.

disneysidecelebration5A bucket especially personalized for each Princess with their name and a Disney Princess quote on the reverse side seemed suiting. A personalized message to remind each girl of their beauty, wishes and dreams.



As their little toes hit the water I wait for the Disney magic to explode; as we watch their smiles, eyes lighting up and the gears in their heads turning I wonder what it would have been like if the weather had been better in earlier days for the larger planned idea. Though I will sit here smiling as I watch my daughter, sisters and their cousins and friends enjoy in some relaxation Princess style.

disneysidecelebration8We had the idea to use the Princess table-cloth they gave us as a barrier between the spa water and the carpet. With each Princess posted at their own seat we began with the revealing of what they had in their spa buckets which lead to crowning and their foot-baths; toe nails polished and snacks in hand they were treated as royals with foot massages to end.


Treating the girls with Honest Juice boxes, veggie chips and Crunch Pak apple slices we found no need to sugar the Princesses before bed with the cookies I had bought. Sadly the idea of a tea party with the spa was a bit too late for these Princesses; though they will come in handy with upcoming #Disneyside events when we arrive back in Florida. As Disney fanatics we find ourselves surrounded by Disney whether we are living near or far with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Sofia the First or an all time classic of Snow White playing on the television. Like Toy Story with Jessie, Woody and Buzz we have toy chests and toy nets holding Disney bears, Nemo and friends with just a bit of #Disneyside in our everyday lives from car rides to nightly stories we are filled with wishes, dreams and memories of our Disney experiences.

We have spent time dressing up (as shown in Confessions of a crazed mother: Part One) to visiting Jake and Sofia during their summer road trip (Power of doing good). Our excitement is building with our upcoming trip back to Florida, being close to Disney again to visit the wonderful Magic Kingdom or my old working ground of Epcot. This is just the beginning of our #Disneyside!

Special thanks to Crunch Pak for the healthy treat for our Princesses; the crunchy apples as if they were freshly sliced bursting with flavor hit the spot not only for the girls but also for Mommy’s.

crunchpak2I ran from Safeway, Target, Giant and Wal-mart looking for these goodies. (Easier found in Wal-mart at Florida but I only found them in Target large packs here in Maryland.)