The journey begins now.

The journey begins now, a time for myself and my family to start a new chapter. As children we always wonder what our lives will be like as adults but no one really tells us the deep dark truth; the obstacles along the way and the unforeseen events good and bad. This amazing opportunity was given to Geraldo and I to take our girls out of Florida, where they were born and where our families for the most part are and move across country to Maryland. A choice that made us have many conversations, what ifs and guilty feelings. The fact that we are taking not only ourselves away from relatives but also the children away from what they have always known. I found myself with a knot in my gut when the thought of taking Elleanna and Isabella away from their grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins came to mind. Excited about the new beginning the thoughts of Geraldo, Isabella and Elleanna all being in one home together as a family finally overwhelmed my choice. It’s time to start fresh!

Isabella and Elleanna.
Isabella and Elleanna.

So it begins the packing of many boxes of our daughters room, our room… Oh gosh who knew how much we actually had. To tell the truth, I am a hoarder of photos, memories and cherished keepsakes. Many tears, many hard goodbyes we packed the U-Haul and headed on a mini-vacation before our long trip ahead.  Finding ourselves at Disney for a night which only made sense after all Geraldo and I first met at Disney, Downtown Disney to be exact. Our last night in the Kissimmee/Orlando area and we were walking in the same footsteps as we once took learning about one another.

Good bye Florida.
Good bye Florida.

Next Stop Panama City for a well needed vacation with some beach time and birthday celebrations for my step mother. It was the first time Geraldo and I could breath; we could hold hands and not worry about what was coming next for our girls and ourselves. Finally the warm sand in our toes, the moment of complete bliss, complete relaxation.

Geraldo and Isabella's sand castle in Panama City.
Geraldo and Isabella’s sand castle in Panama City.

Now the long journey begins with my girls in the back dreading the car ride and my man by my side we begin this long road to our new home, new lives. Fresh start begins now! No one said this journey wouldn’t have some bumps in it also from sick children, flat tires and pit stops for potty breaks. But we had our fun along the way with silly photos, walkie talkies and of course our call signs Maze, Bravo Mike, Mama J and Animal, we must not forget Murph. It was a whole new world, from living on the surface of the sun to the tree filled beginnings ahead. For the love of our family, the love of us it begins here.

Welcome home!
Welcome home!



1 thought on “The journey begins now.”

  1. Well said and with a level head. Life is a journey and if you let your mind Hold you back you will never experiance the beauty of what others have never seen and only dreamed and wished upon LIFE! May you be as blessed as the little ones you created and gave us. We love you guys and our girls ! 👪

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