Off with a bang!

Crying in the near distance, my youngest has awoken and our busy day has just begun. The foot steps of my step mother are heard outside our room as we scramble to find red, white and blue outfits; anything will do. The aroma of the scents down stairs creep up on us and our stomachs become intrigued with what is to come. The summer is here, calling us to the Bar-B-Q’s and memorable family times in the warm sun but most importantly its fourth of July today. We’ll celebrate 238 years of being “free”, as an independent nation finally called the United States. A mesh of cultures, religions, opportunity all amongst us as we fire up our grills, pull the sparklers out and wave our great flag.

Rushing four adults and four children in and out of showers I finally have the joy of brushing my little sisters hair. As the girls stand in front of me I’m enchanted in the moment, I’m a big sister what I always wanted while I was a young girl. I get the chance to enjoy watching my sisters grow as I raise my daughters at the same time. Pack the snacks pack the car let’s fit this family of ocho in this minivan. We’re off.

4th of July 2

We begin the memories, the free ice cream and excitement of the fire truck spraying water. The pure excitement of our American hearts screaming out red, white and blue as crowds of families laugh, bond and enjoy the surroundings. Sadly we missed the parade but the joy of being with one another, the anticipation of what comes next fills the children’s eyes. Elleanna’s first fourth of July, with a first for many new adventures for our family in this new town. After a Starbucks pit stop we refuel and off at it again, next stop home for a Bar-B-Q with some neighbors. The children were filled with happiness as they ran around, jumped in the bouncy house and swam in the kiddy pool. While the adults had conversation and participate in some games, we found ourselves in deep laughter.


Elleanna in the bounce house.
Elleanna in the bounce house.

So now after all the excitement how can we not finish off the night with some fireworks with new friends. Parking in no-mans land we ventured out to find the perfect place to set up with the children, tired children and their glow sticks thanks to Grandpa. The fire works from family homes setting off in the distance we await the real show at the baseball stadium. The first time Elleanna will be seeing fourth of July fireworks, the first time this family of ocho will be together watching, laughing and in amazement over the colors. This is what life is about, the moments taking our breaths away with family and friends.

Elleanna with Mommy and Daddy during here first Fourth of July fireworks.
Elleanna with Mommy and Daddy during here first Fourth of July fireworks.


For the love of our family, for the love of us it begins here.


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