The Land of Dragor: Book 1 The Gift of Charms.

In exchange for my time and efforts in reviewing The Land of Dragor, The Gift of Charms and giving my opinion on my blog, I have been provided with images along with the story. Even though I receive these benefits, I always give an opinion that is 100% mine.

Captivated by The Land of Dragor: The Gift of Charms; I find myself and Isabella transported into this magical land of dragons. As our nightly routine we pick stories to read, these past few weeks things have been a bit different. With my computer wide open I’m transfixed into a child’s book, with every word I speak to Isabella playing like a movie in my head I find it difficult to pause our reading while Isabella begins to drift off.  Will she dream of Yoshiko, the young dragon and his land filled with friends and family? Will her dream be of his adventures, his learning’s or even of herself in his land with all the dragons playing?



For many nights Isabella and I have read this amazing book by Julia Suzuki as, she not only captures the minds and hearts of the children but has put myself, an adult in complete astonishment. While the words and story carry on I find myself picturing each character… Yoshiko and his large dragon wings, his mother and father, Kiara and Ketu and all his fire school friends. As each description is highlighted I find the story turning into a movie inside my mind.


As I watch Isabella’s excited face each time I say it’s time for bed, time for a story her gaze seems to find its way to my laptop in which holds this astonishing story. For the first nights we found ourselves reading The Prologue: The Strange Egg and reviewing all the photos that Julia had shared with us. As we look at the map Isabella asks where the dragons live, and points at each mountain. “Yoshi home mommy?” As we continue our readings the following nights we learn of each clan and look for their homes on the map.

I cannot stress enough how important reading is to my girls and I; since our move to Maryland we find ourselves snuggled in bed or sitting on the floor together reading multiple stories. As time goes by we found ourselves reading the same stories multiple times a week. We would begin reading about Toy Story and find ourselves next on The Little Mermaid. In hopes of finding a solution to this book skipping problem, I began to wonder about longer books. Fewer pictures and more of a story! It just happens at this moment I found Julia’s twitter amongst my followers and began reading a bit about her story. I couldn’t help myself, overwhelmed with complete curiosity I reached out. Thankfully Julia was so kind to allow me to have a document with photos along with the full book to read with Isabella.

dragor 2

I cannot thank Julia enough for this delightful reading; as we further into the chapters ahead (21 to be exact) I see so many educational topics. It may just be my point of view but as soon as you read this story you may also see the topics I am so pleased to be speaking or reading to my soon to be big girl. From being judged from where Yoshiko came from to the school “bullies” many learning topics were brought up. This dazzling adventure of a “smalling” dragon and how he learned to overcome bullies, weaknesses and learn that he can do much more with a positive attitude and practice has now become a family favorite.


You will read about Yoshiko’s adventure of attending Fire School and the obstacles he faces to his adventures that may just be breaking rules in order to save his friends talents and the future of The  Land of Dragor. This unique  story has just begun in my opinion, due to the ending I feel as if The Land of Dragor with Yoshiko and his friends and elders will have more adventures and lessons ahead of them and to us. I, as an upcoming teacher hope to purchase this book for my future classroom along with a copy for my girls.

Are you up for an adventure?

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