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-MommeMeals Go Chews: A yummy snack for Bella and I.

Like I said in my previous post “Milk on Tap” I never thought I would be breastfeeding Elleanna… With that being said I’ve been an on the demand mommy going nine-months strong with no end in sight. (ok maybe I know there’s an end…) I’ve always wondered as I read posts on breastfeeding groups about how much they pumped, how they are always engorged and how they have enough milk to donate. My question is how? When I pump I fill with excitement if I can get 3 ounces on that rare occasion, but due to the fact in upcoming weeks I will be returning to work, hopefully full time, I need a supply for my daughter.

I was working, 5 hours a week, for Aeropostal which sadly didn’t play out the way I would have liked it but now that I’m looking for a more full time opportunity I need to find ways to make sure my supply stays up along with my energy. After attending The Big Latch On and finding out there were lactation cookies (do not judge still pretty new to this) I needed to look around. I found an amazing woman, the owner of MommeMeals and reached out to her in hopes of trying her lactation cookies; which was amazing timing with her new flavors coming out. So graciously she sent me some flavors (Turkish Apricot & Fig Ginger Sesame) and some originals to pass out amongst my fellow breastfeeding mommy’s along with a few recipes in which I am going to be making in upcoming posts.


I must say receiving these lactation cookies made me feel like it was Christmas, my eyes widened and my stomach made noises. SNACK TIME! Digging right in to the Turkish Apricot, mouth watering as I smell the lovely aroma. How many am I suppose to have a day I wonder, because I’m really enjoying this flavor right now and could certainly eat more then one… After doing a bit of research and reading the back of the packages I found many mother’s and websites told me have anywhere between two to five a day. (Wonderful I can try the Fig Ginger Sesame later in the evening.)


As the following days passed I would munch of each on the flavors, though the Turkish Apricot won my heart, with its soft and chewy flavor exploding go chew I found myself sneaking in more than two.. Sometimes three… A few times four… Ok I became addicted to these go chews, easy snacks for doing homework, riding in the car and taking the kids out for the day. The organic whole food ingredients, gave my body the energy boost it needed, unlike energy drinks with the high caffeine and the crash after.


As the week began to end while working one day as Geraldo was at work, Elleanna down for a nap I began to hear noises… Like someone was into my go-chews! Busted, caught with the chew in her hand ready to head toward that three year old mouth of hers, Isabella had found a new snack she couldn’t resist. Thankfully go-chews are energy boosters too, great for anyone, child or adult. Man or woman. (Men you will not lactate after eating them!) Many athletes actually use such cookies as a way to boost their energy while eating healthy and helping their muscles recover. Don’t believe me about the energy booster or maybe you have some sore muscles after a hard week at the gym? I dare you to try go-chews!


A few quick shots of Isabella and her new favorite snack, I then find myself searching for the perfect hiding space away from toddler hands.


Everyday I saw my milk supply building, by this I mean engorged and happy. Not many mama’s are happy about being engorged but when you are a mommy in need of a supply to go back to work, that milk is like gold! After months of trying to drink plenty of water, Gatorade and other forms of tricks told by many mama’s I found my go to snack. It not only made my energy go up, my milk increase but my body feels so much healthier.. Happier you could say.

As you can tell I’m running low on Turkish Apricot and Fig Ginger Sesame so I went out to get the Original flavor. he-he.


How is your energy? Maybe you’re a mother breastfeeding, have you tried lactation cookies? How did they work for you?

In exchange for my time and efforts in reviewing Mommemeals Go-chews and giving my opinion on my blog, I have been provided with samples for tasting and giving to a few fellow breastfeeding mama’s. Even though I receive these benefits, I always give an opinion that is 100% mine.

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