Photo books of our adventures:

In exchange for my time and efforts in reporting my opinion within this blog, has provided me with complimentary  20 page 11.5″ * 8.5″ hardcover photo book and a 20 page 8″ * 6″ photo book. Even though I receive these benefits, I always give an opinion that is 100% mine.

Since Isabella was a baby I’ve been obsessed with making photo books of our memories; first holidays, trips and just small notes of my love. When Geraldo and I became a family and we began our journey of Elleanna’s pregnancy I made another photo book to show how we all became a family and our new adventure. I used a competitor company and have wondered if there were more options to make photo books.

book collage2

These photo books are close to my hearts not only because of the memories they hold but because if anything ever happens I have notes to my children. ( I know such a positive way to think but no matter what age I’d like them to know about everything we did and how much we love them.) I have where we went, what we did and who was with us.


Now this is our first photo books with and must I say they have a very simple set up.

And it begins... To choose photos and our adventures.
And it begins… To choose photos and our adventures.

Twenty pages of our life… I can always add-on more but it seems as if the book would be larger than I could imagine. The hard choices were yet to come from the color scheme and background (though I was unhappy there weren’t themes to go by such as their competitor) I was happy with many of the backgrounds.

photo book 5My next step was what adventure to choose from, what better way to have our stories… Our memories then with our adventure from Florida to Maryland as a family. I was pleased to see that I could retrieve photos from Facebook, my computer files along with Instagram and Flickr.

photo book2Though I found some issues I had with places my photos and text… We were only able to put the text on the top of the page or the bottom and at a certain font size. Though they had options to change the font color and text I was put back with where I was allowed to put that text.

photo book3The neat thing about they allow you to put multiple photos on a page, I believe I had ten photos at one time though I did cut back.

photobook10Towards the end of my photo book I placed the order and they didn’t insist like their competitors to review your work. After placing the order and seeing that I could share via Facebook I noticed the text had moved around on some pages… I hope that it isn’t like that when we receive the book later today or tomorrow.

I found photo very easy to handle, simple for your average on the go mom or for the Nana/Grandma that isn’t as up to date with the technology. I am very happy with the memories that they helped capture and cannot wait to see how the photos come out along with the size and backgrounds of the book. It would be a place I would sent my family and friends to, though I hope to see advance on different settings such as being allowed to move photos and texts around along with more of a sticker or embellishments. I wasn’t impressed with the stickers I saw for the pages and didn’t use them in these photo books.

If you are interested in a clean, professional look for either your memories or a work portfolio

How do you show off your family memories, adventures and achievements?

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