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And then there was twelve: Fosters Grille

From family of ocho to family of twelve, surrounded by screaming girls and much yet to do for a Frozen party. A party that surrounded my young sister Hailee with the love of family and friends but also the wonderful Elsa and Anna as a surprise; though a few days ahead we had six little girls and four of the six adults starving while anxiously reviewing the list of to do’s.

Foster Grille3

Thankfully Heather and I ran into this wonderful gentleman named Scott while grocery shopping with our rambunctious three-teens and sisters a few days previously. I of course am a big mouth, while ordering our sandwich meats and cheeses at the store happen to notice this nice gentleman walk up; knowing I’d take a while with a large list I made a serious note while joking. Thankfully Scott was amazing, when we returned after his other shopping… Yes we were still there ordering a few last items while the girls munched on just about everything we had in the grocery carts. As we began to speak, I noticed an accident in his voice; NEW YORK! After chatting each other up a bit about how were from upstate New York he spoke about Fosters Grille and how he is the owner. Little to our knowledge did we know of this great place… After checking out Scott found us with some free kids meal coupons.. A prefect opportunity for both our family to eat, whether while the older girls were at school or as a family of ocho…

So back to our family of twelve… With the long list of to do’s from grocery stores to malls our hungry bellies needed some tender loving FOOD! A perfect opportunity to sit down with our six girls and relatives from New York and chat with some excellent, mouth-watering wings, burgers and my favorite onion rings.

Fosters Grille

The environment was friendly, welcoming and fun we couldn’t help but smile, laugh and enjoy the much-needed relaxation. With a small bar perfect for a date night, a friend get together or even some family nights. Let’s face it whats the harm in one beer while sitting for an hour or two chatting?

From the decor of NASCAR items to the game machines for children.. Maybe even adults also if they are like myself and Geraldo. I was impressed with everything, from my deep-fried hot wings, onion rings to the service we were given. The special touch Scott had put into making our children feel welcome and loved with cookies and attention it certainly is a restaurant I would come back to time and time again.

Foster Grille2

But the fun had only begun for this visit, with the family of twelve ready for a winter wonderland for Hailee’s birthday, the drinks to be had and the laughs yet to come….

Do you know of a small, but quaint place for a relaxing night out with the friends, family or even a date?

Ladies night at Fosters might be the next outing for this mommy.
(Sadly I have lost all my photos from the past 5.5-6 months of Isabella, Elleanna and my outings along with first days of school, soccer and many more… Along with Fosters photos.)

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