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Discovering new heights on the Sky Trail high ropes!b

As we settle into our life back home we find ourselves in a routine of the same activities, food and schedule of work… I look at my daughters and think about all that I’ve missed out on already. As a waitress I’ve worked many hours, many days of going to work before they wake and home after they are put to sleep. After finding out that our oldest will be heading off to PreK-4 this year I thought about how many summers I will have left with her before college. I think about the many activities that Geraldo and I have never had the chance of doing, we’ve been parents since we first met. For the first time in our relationship we went to the movies after the arrival of Elleanna, after three years we went to a club… So here’s my thought for the summer… For the rest of my life. How can I make memories, make the most of the summer, the most of the precious childhood and young adult life that I have. That we have?

After logging into usfamilyguide I saw an opportunity of adult fun! Family fun! Though our youngest is too young I may think this could be an opportunity of friendships and memories. Check this out a place for family fun, birthdays and group parties!


Artegon Sky Trail features a 44-foot tall, 2 level adventure ropes course complete with 38 exciting elements including zig-zag beams, cargo nets, angled rope ladders, crisscross walks and more. Choosing your own path and pace!


The ropes course also equipped with a Quick Jump free-fall simulation device which allows patrons to safely fall 30-feet from the air. For the young adventurers there’s a Sky Tykes ropes course for kids 2-7 or less than 48″ tall. Artegon Sky Trail provides exciting fun for the entire family to enjoy together!

My readers SAVE with their current coupon: @usfg


Take FUN to the heightest level on the Sky Trail high ropes course!

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