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Confessions of a Crazed Mother: I’m that one…

It was raining when we arrived at the store and I just so happened to have a Disney rain poncho in my car. I covered Elleanna as she laughed with excitement; I couldn’t help but be amazed with the beauty she is. Clenching the Cinderella Barbie in her hand we made our way through the parking lot she laughed as the rain drenched mommy’s face. It didn’t bother me, as the other customers stared at me like I was crazy; my daughter was dry under the poncho and I was happy to see her laugh.

Pushing the grocery cart through the local Neighborhood Wal-Mart I can’t help but smile; it was Elle & Mommy time. My youngest daughter, almost two, has been growing more and more into her own person and today stabbed my heart. After a morning of running around with my oldest, Isabella, looking for school shoes for Pre-K4 I thought Elleanna was in need of some time to just ourselves and what perfect timing then needing kitten food.

We strolled through the aisles taking our time and of course putting items that weren’t needed but more of a want in the grocery cart. From candy for a family movie night to picking out kitten food I found us  in front of the milk.. Like every parent that thought comes to mind…

“Do we have milk?”

“How much milk do we have?”

“I should get it shouldn’t I?”

As I thought about this very tough situation I watched a mother and young (4 year old boy) pass in a cart and stop just 4 feet away. Elleanna being her cheerful, social self said “Hi” and waved at the little boy. What happened next shocked me.

He gave her a mean mug, dirty look, putting two fingers up and copying the I’m watching you signal he must get often from his mother. As he finished he then put his finger to his throat and acted as if he was cutting his throat and pointed directly at her.. Who would do such a thing towards a child for him to mimic them? He didn’t do this once… Twice… Or even three times by the fourth I wanted to yell at him. I watched my daughters happy smile fade and her fat lip come out. Her feelings were hurt, she knew what he did wasn’t nice!

So here’s my confession:

I’m that mom… The one looking at you as you walk away with your child and wonder what you are teaching them. Thinking about what television shows must be shown, what games you allow them to play and wondering what discipline you are enforcing at home. I watched you as you saw him make his rude, inappropriate gestures to my daughter and you smiled. I would never smile at my child for doing such a thing; so yes I judged you and I am wrong for that. But am I wrong for watching such a thing and thinking about how it affects the children he is doing it to, especially my daughter. I know we are lucky that we may never run into you again but is that a bully in the making?

I’m that one that pushed my daughter against me and hugged her, kissed her head and let her know I was there.

I’m that one that worries about how other children are being raised will affect my children.

I’m that one that will watch her four year old go to school and think about how nasty these children are becoming, my generation has proven to show  how terrible we are turning.

I’m that one wondering if there is a way to show children a better way. Smile at one another, say hello because that could be the only smile they receive. That could be a terrible day that all they needed to know was someone saw the good in them.

I’m that one…

A child can teach an adult three things:

To be happy for no reason

To always be curious

To fight tirelessly for something

-Paulo Coelho

Here’s my tireless fight to teach the younger generations to be kind. To know right from wrong and to always think about how they would feel if the shoes were switched. It’s time to stand up against bullying whether a small situation such as this or the ones happening on a daily basis with social media and school.

What would you do if a child gestured harmfully to your child?

Would you say something or would you just comfort your child and walk away such as I did?

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