The Confessions of a crazed mother: And the family grows

Little did I know that I was soon going to have more little ones running around my house. The little pitter patter of their feet. The long nights of hearing their cries and as always having the puzzled look of confusion frozen my face.

And then they came… 4 black and 1 orange kitten on May 1st 2016, did I mention I’m speaking about the kittens that my cat gave birth to. If you were thinking we had another baby, then I do apologize for your moment of shock.
Before we begin about our house size growing let me tell you a little more about the story. Miracle as we call her was a rescued cat, I found in the road on the way to work. A small kitten of I’d say 5 weeks old, she was frozen in fear as I headed for food before work. I stopped the car as I saw something moving in the road; though not long before that I had found a younger kitten of a week old. I forgot about the food and scooped her up snuggling her in my purse and taking her home quickly to Geraldo and the girls. As I opened the door and held her his face expressed a large range of excitement and anger. “Another!? Where did you find this one?” As if I’ve done this a dozen times! It was only the second!… She snuggled right in, loving to sleep in our clothes and lay on our chests. Taking the excitement of our 1-year-old to a whole new level…

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Time went on, sneezing and sniffles began, someone was allergic to the cat. Now at a year old she became an outdoor cat; taking care of her still feeding and providing a bed and water. Loving on her we soon noticed her big belly “Uh oh”. Soon after she had her kittens without us being home, once we found out she was pregnant.She became the Queen of the house. We got home like any other night of running around and Isabella ran to my room looking to watch cartoons and not soon after Elleanna followed. “AHHHHHH RAT!” As we ran into the bedroom to find Elleanna holding the orange fur ball…. I scream “oh my… She’s going to kill it!!” After a bit of a battle and scared that Miracle then wouldn’t take care of the kitten I went on a man hunt… It has to be more than one kitten. 5 in total, 4 black and white and 1 orange. Our house size just grew; we watched them grow, helping Miracle attach the kittens on to feed the first few times and creating a nice bed for them.

They weren’t with us long, four weeks to be exact. We watched them leave us one by one… Sadly I told my oldest they were given to new homes and Miracle disappeared on us. She was gone for some time but returned home…


But the story doesn’t end there…

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