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Heaven recieved another Angel

I met a kind woman this year. Her beautiful soul radiated each time I saw her. You could see such love in her eyes and though I hardly had a chance to learn more about this angel she touched my heart. No one knows each struggle we face behind closed doors and sometimes the smallest act of kindness can give someone a better day… A bit of hope. I try to learn my coworkers names, which in my field of work is difficult. I try to smile or say hi to everyone no matter what area of work they are in. I believe a smile goes a long way!

On a particular day not more than a few months ago I asked a coworker how she was, using her first name of course and saying I was glad to see her.See the thing is she fell one day from a child running in-front of her, not only did she fall but she smashed her head on the rock wall we have. She got up with tears in her eyes, she began to ask about the child and making sure no harm came to it. She was so worried about that child well we all worried about her. She had a kindness in her that now many have these days and when I addressed her, told her I was happy to see her she grabbed my arm and walked with me. As we walked she began to tell me that not many acknowledge her… Not many know her name.

It’s a sad world we live in that we cannot spread love, kindness and simple acts of decency to one another. We’re trapped in a world of technology, selfishness and money hungry. Though I know I am not perfect and have made many mistakes…  This woman opened my eyes a bit more. Now we must say see you again one day, not goodbye because I know one day we will meet again at those golden gates. We’ll see the twinkle of love in your eyes and hear that kind voice once again; but for now I will say see you soon my friend.

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Rest in Peace

Christina Eckert

 A wife, a mother and friend.




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