The perfect blanket: Collage People

It would be the perfect gift, something that would be cherished for a long time to come… So I opened up my computer, grabbed Isabella and asked her opinion, wanting to put a bit more love into this gift. I’ve always treasured the hand crafted gifts, from picture frames and floral arrangements to drawings the girls create.

Well living thousands of miles from Nana we’ve sent special items from Collage People; including pillows with wonderful photos of the girls to Christmas ornaments wrapped in a special Christmas wrapping paper. I believe a photo speaks a thousand words, something we hold close to our hearts and adore for years to come.



It was so simple, the directions and layout of Collage.com made it so very easy. Thanks to Collage People I was offered to do a review on their Sherpa 50 by 60 blanket. As we searched through the photos that we could get from Facebook, Instagram and upload from the computer we found a few that either had both Nana and the girls or some good one of the girls together. Slowly able to fill the blanket with some of our favorite photos we were able to choose the background next..


Taking us but a few tries we spoke about what background would better match the room. Deciding finally that we need to write something sweet on the blanket that led us to picking a hand print background. “A Nana holds her grandchildren’s hands for a while but their hearts forever” was perfect.



Soon after a text message was received that allowed me to track where our blanket was and when it arrive. Though being here in Central Florida we had Hurricane Matthew coming so it was delayed a bit, thankfully not too long due to the fact we were blessed not to get hit like originally planned.

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Our breath was taken away when we opened the package, how soft the Sherpa blanket was and how large. I had never expected it would be as perfect as it was. The look on my mother’s face, I knew it was perfect once I saw her eyes. Something she could hold on to for a long time to come, that had special moments with her grandchildren. I can’t wait to create another master piece! So comfortable and great for those cooler nights, snuggled up and watching television. Also laid out for company to see, to see the love in the family and the happiness that something made with love can give. A gift not only for the person that it was given to but also for all those that are able to cast their eyes upon.


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