Guess who’s back?!..

Well hello there? It’s been a while to say the least. We’ve had many changes since I’ve been away. From growing apart to rebuilding new foundations of love, laughter, memories and strength. We’ve expanded the family name and stubbled around this messy road called life.

Get ready… 

Get set…

The adventures, trials and tribulations of our crazy life of five begins now! 

We’ll rewind just a bit to play catch up. We became pregnant in December of 2018 .


Found out we would no longer be just about tutus and tiearas… Isaac Geraldo made his arrival August 6; just in time for my birthday!


The girls began a new school year (Preschool and second grade)!


We celebrated many first holidays with Isaac. 


We took new adventures and first visits to beaches.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Graduated preschool and began our summer adventures!


Signed up for dance (( I’m going to be a dance mom))!!


Now let’s get back to now… Watch out for our latest adventures, food finds and daily struggles of making this life the very best! 


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