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Confessions of a Crazed Mother: Summer is for making memories!

Let me be bluntly honest, for those that know me already… You will probably be able to picture my explosion with the need of control. We had been planing on taking a trip to the beach; with our latest love of fishing and feeding the ducks, the need to fish in the ocean was a big must do! Geraldo sat up for a few hours scoping out the coast line for the perfect destination that both children and adults would have a great time. He found the most perfect get away. As packing was underway I felt out of control, like we were forgetting everything and I was being rushed. Though Geraldo was helping fully; I was nervous to take THREE kids to the beach. The dangers there are and the lack of control I would have let alone being stuck in a vehicle for 1-2 hours with the kids arguing and maybe a baby crying.


The drive reminded me of childhood, crammed in the car with my brother and parents on a cross country trip. Coming up with any sight seeing games I could think of with the girls and crossing my fingers that Isaac would stay asleep for the journey. The smell of salt water and the cool breeze lifted our spirits as we drove closer. Windows down and music up, crooked smiles lay upon our faces.

“Are we there yet?” was on repeat as we drove down the coast line. We arrived “early”, though it would have been nicer to be a little earlier then 9 am. The drive and stops for snacks and ice made the timing a bit longer then expected. A few cars awaited in-front of us while paying the parking. ($8.00 which for this adventure I would pay over and over!) Unpacking three children is still a bit of an obstacle at times, as the girls jump out with excitement and little man is comfortably placed in the ergo.  We made our way up towards the restaurant and bait shop; thoughts of what we could catch came to mind. A reminder of a childhood adventure to Huntington Beach in California; watching the fishers catch small sharks! The girls excitedly grabbed nets in hopes they too would catch fish with daddy.


We made our way down the small hill and few rocks. The view was breathtaking as if on a tropical vacation! Geraldo had found the perfect spot. He set up the umbrella and towels and quickly made his way to a spot to the left of us to check out the fishing. The girls made their way into the shallow water only to feel rough rocks spread out; as Isaac grabbed his first mouth full of sand! The need for water-shoes was high and daddy read my mind! Four matching pairs of water-shoes we made our way through the rough rocks, flipping them over one by one and watching small crabs scurry away.

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Within the first two hours we were informed of manatees in the water around us. As I stood with Isaac in the ergo, the girls attached to our hips; we stood 5 feet or so from a manatee eating the seaweed. Screeching screams came from the girls as the manatee would disappear under the water and reappear within minutes. A sight we have never had the opportunity to witness and as a family we were now seeing the beauty of nature. After what seemed like twenty minutes we made our way back to our stuff, the water was attacking our small “camp”. We moved the umbrella and towels four to five times before packing up and heading to the truck for some famous beach day sandwiches.

After a short break in air condition and refueling we headed to the opposite side where the pier and beach goers laid. Rough waters made it clear that we would not be going in… After a few attempts to get the girls shells I made my way in for some relaxation as daddy fished with Elle, Isaac took an afternoon nap and Bella built a sand castle.

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We ended our trip back on the other side with shallow waters. As the kids hunted for the small fish and we enjoyed the view we witnessed yet another beauty of nature. Four dolphins were twenty feet or closer to us; with Geraldo being a “dare-devil” or following the group as I witnessed… He jumped in the deeper water closer to the dolphins. Time after time again he took his chances, while I clung on to my breath in hopes nothing bad would happen. The rocks surrounding him… The dolphins and God knows what else swimming around him. Fast boats speeding past… My anxiety was through the roof to say the least; but a once in a life time chance of jumping in with dolphins was a must to Geraldo. Maybe if I swam better… Wasn’t scared I would do the same? We will never know.

As evening set upon us and our lobster shoulders began to burn we scurried around the rocks to get a few “pet crabs” and start our long journey home. The peace and quite from the children sleeping in the back, I stare at Geraldo in complete love with the father and man he is. He picked such a magnificent adventure, in which I need to put more trust in his random pickings. Laughter filled the front seat as we journeyed home; the children told stories of their finds and animals they witnessed for weeks awaiting their next awe-inspiring adventure.

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