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One day at a time…

The night sweats and loss of breath; my chest tight as if the air within me is being taken... I wake up many nights fearful of my children's well-being. Many nights I toss and turn with what ifs and nightmares that shake me to tears. It was a rough pregnancy, unlike my girls... Within the… Continue reading One day at a time…

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Our summer bucket-list 2017

The pitter patter of your feet upon the sidewalk as you race me to the house brings flash backs and realization that your time as a child is speeding by. I've always wanted to be that mother, the kind of mother that my children were proud of. That the first day of school they'd be… Continue reading Our summer bucket-list 2017

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Lets get honest: fighting myself

I watch you as you sleep... Slowly breathing as you hug your teddy bear a bit closer. A smile plastered upon my face, God has blessed me with my children. As I scan the room the motherly instincts kick in, lift that leg back onto the bed and cover your sister with a blanket. She's… Continue reading Lets get honest: fighting myself