Princess Fables and the lessons of good.

In exchange for my time and efforts in reporting my opinion within this blog,  the author Marc Clark has provided me with complimentary  paperback copy of Princess Fables book. Even though I receive these benefits, I always give an opinion that is 100% mine.

Three-teen has hit… The household is under attack with two three year olds, a two year old along with Elleanna turning one; someone save my sanity.

After weeks of bedtime stories, nap stories and mid afternoon treats before mommy leaves for work, the girls and I (mainly Isabella) have been indulging ourselves in chapter stories of Princesses and their troubles. Given the opportunity from Princess Fables author Marc Clark I found myself laughing at the stories, comparing the girls to each Princess and their situation.

princessfable4I found myself very happy about each story that was introduced to the girls; though I know the reading was above your average three-year old Isabella found herself excited for each chapter. Sitting or laying in front of the rocking chair talking to me about each Princess.

  • The Princess who always said “No”
  • The Princess who always said ” I don’t wanna”
  • The Princess who wouldn’t wake up
  • The Princess who always said “Not today”

I kind of feel like the Princess who wouldn’t wake up each morning and throughout the night when Elleanna wakes… (After working evening/night shift I am drained when she decides to wake the first thirty minutes I’m home and hour upon hour.)

princessfable2Each chapter hit the basics when little girls (children in general) with their newly found attitudes, dislikes and unsure about the changes and new adventures that we as parents set forth for them. I was highly entertained by the stories, with the few pages they were for each chapter princess it made for a great lesson amongst a great read before bed.

princessfableMy daughter learned that it could be unsafe to say no, not today or to hide from adults. The easy reading made for a very understanding story line for the girls to comprehend and incorporate in their routines. A highly recommended book for parents of tree-teen girls and older I hope that each young girl enjoys and understands the meanings behind each chapter (Princess).


Have you found an education book that teaches lessons to little ones about hiding, talking back and not doing what they are asked? Please share with us.

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