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We have a fashionista on our hands: Tutu Amaezing boutique

In exchange for my time and efforts in reporting my opinion within this blog,  the creator of Tutu Amaezing Boutique has provided me with complimentary headband and bows for Elleanna and Isabella. Even though I receive these benefits, I always give an opinion that is 100% mine.

I cannot express how much fashion means to my daughter and I; though I do slack these days as a mom of two girls they take all my time to get ready. I do take my time for work, hair done and of course makeup and make sure my nails look nice; if anyone is like me they are looking at the waitresses hand when serving food. Back to the point though, I found this amazing shop online, TuTu Amaezing Boutique and couldn’t believe all the breath taking bows that this wonderful woman (Desiree) could create. I myself have tried a few times now to make Isabella along with Elleanna and my sisters (Careena and Hailee) bows… But they are basic bows, nothing special now these bows on the other hand took special talent!

After looking over I found many bows from football teams, sports, military, breast cancer awareness to holiday and themed characters such as my children’s favorite FROZEN! The creativity put into each, the special touch and the way she puts her whole heart into her work certainly shows with each bow.


I just had to reach out to Desiree in hopes of doing a review on her bows; I couldn’t image such a wonderful hand made fashion statement as these not having a review already! (Though my hopes were that I’d be the first!) After receiving three (four in total really) bows I knew I would find myself wanting more. I found myself wearing the football bow to work. (Sunday night football go Patriots!!)


My daughters represented our team beyond well with these fantastic pieces for the Patriots… Desiree even created a Patriots headband that was adjustable for Elleanna to wear and grow into.



And of course Frozen, Isabella had a few chances to wear her Frozen bows to school along with Frozen live. Her grandfather and Meme took her along with Careena and Hailee this past week to the show. Isabella’s heart melted, her eyes widened and she said “Mommy you buy me?” when she saw the bows come out of the package. What better treat for Princesses such as my girls then a fashion statements that show so much personality and beauty.

Couldn’t resist sending Isabella off to school with these Frozen Sister bows. (Cannot wait to use one on Elleanna when she gets more hair.)
Before seeing Frozen Live on Ice.

When you think about bows you don’t put much mind into what type of ribbon is being used but with TuTu Amaezing Boutique they use the best there is and each bow, headband and tutu certainly shows that.


How do you dress you girls up for school?

Is there a special bow that they love or maybe that you love?

If not or to add to your collection check out these breath taking bows at

I know we’ve found our special fashion pieces thanks to Tutu Amaezing Boutique.

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