We have a fashionista on our hands: Jamberry Nails


After seeing many posts on Instagram, Facebook and gossip in the restaurant about Jamberry nails I had to reach out, test these nails out. As a waitress I’m always wondering what my nails look like to the customer, I don’t want to hand a plate or write an order with chipped nails, no nail polish or broken nails. To be honest who feels good about themselves when they know there’s a flaw in what they are wearing or their appearance may be a better word to describe my fear and others I would think.


I tried the Jamberry nails out before work one evening, could they withstand the waitress lifestyle. Warm plates, silverware rolling, dish-washing at times and busing and washing tables down. I found the nails so simple to put on, with some practice I know I could be better at placing them perfecting on my nail. The different sizes on the chart, the length given allowed opportunity to do both my right and left hand with the same nail adhesive. As I put my blow dryer to the nail to help the adhesive better shape or form the nail I wondered, how long do I do this.

After a few seconds I had the first nail on…


After ten minutes the whole set (I am not that great at left handed).


Then to cut and shape… It was easy, dry and not coming off when I put my work shoes on, how can I ask for something quicker and easier then this? Happiness set it but the true test was yet to come… After working a nine hour shift I saw each nail still on, one or two bending up at the ends. But I believe that was an error on my part, I am still new at putting these on alone remind you. Taking off was simpler then I imagined, with no real adhesive still stuck on my nail I was able to take them off within a minute or two before playing down.


Clean, trim, shape and paint… Now remember don’t touch a thing! How do you tell your three (going on four) year old not to touch or move because you just had to have their nails done. If they are anything like my daughter they love having their nails painted; it might be the one on one time we have with full attention on her. Maybe its the bright colors, the feel of the brush as it paints the colors on. Then there’s the question “should I try to make a design, maybe add a bit of glitter?”… Who are you kidding its either smudged or picked off within the first five minutes.

Now here’s the trick Jamberry nails. Thankfully after being sent these lovely designed nails the amazing touch of kindness inclosed with a note and a kids Jamberry nails kit I found myself on the floor doing nails for two three year olds. I watched Isabella’s amazement as I put the first “nail” on; she studied it hard wondering why mommy was putting a sticker on her nail.


Then I watched as Careena was counting the nails, the gears in her mind spinning. “Careena ask mommy if there is time for Missy to do your nails ok, hun?” (Don’t get me wrong I don’t like being called Missy, I don’t allow anyone to call me Missy. That is a name only my sweet sisters can call me.) “Mommy said yes Missy.” I hear screaming from the loft as her tiny footsteps grew louder the closer she came. The many questions were asked, “why are you using a blow dryer to do nails?”… “Are they stickers?” As I finished Isabella, I saw the girls eyes light up and when you do ones a certain way the other cannot be different or there’s a three-teen fight.

JamberryA bonding experience not only for myself and Isabella but for my sister and I, the girls together. They loved their nails, they were so thrilled to wear them to school. Though Isabella has a bad habit of picking at her nails (that’s why nail polish on a daily basis is just too much for this mama) she ended the school day with seven out of ten nails still on. I’m very proud of these girls, of the nails holding up as long as they did. (Two days at max with these nail pickers.)


I love all the designs from sports teams to holidays and sparkles to solid colors I found so many I could use for each and every day, holiday and event we have coming up. For the price and the amount of time they hold up I’d pick this over an overly expensive spa day most weeks (though an occasional mommy day would be nice — hint hint mothers day).

How do you decorate your Princesses nails?

Is there a big mess, glitter and paint everywhere from clothes to floors and furniture or have you mastered the art of nail painting?

I sure haven’t even with the proper tools, so thank goodness for Jamberry nails.

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