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Tutus, tiaras and tantrums…

The tears begin to pour, frustration written all over my sweet girls face; a sight no mother likes to see. Arms folded and red chubby cheeks stare at me in anger.


“Whats wrong Princess?” I sound like a broken record, repeating over and over until my patience is no longer present. I hold my tongue on the many words that scatter around my head, holding onto hope that this tantrum will pass and the on lookers don’t think ill of me. And why is my mind worried about others and their opinions? Maybe this day and age has made parenting an impossible task; with the many opinions wanted or not needed from others. No child is perfectly behaved; sorry for bursting any parents bubbles out there. Though I believe we all can be honest to ourselves; it takes a village to raise a child!

Now back to scene…


As Elleanna hides behind the rails on the playground set I tip toe around. She runs from one side to the other yelling at me to stop; all I want to know is why she is pouting on the stairs and not playing with the other children. As my sweet voice begins to crumble under the annoyance of repeat she bursts into a loud scream. Awesome Elle, now I’m sure everyone at the playground is looking now. Finally subsiding her anger she goes on a rant..

“They don’t take turns… Its them, them them! Never me turn!” At this point I’m biting my tongue not to correct her grammar; reminding myself not to poke the beast. I begin to play with her chasing and trying to get her sweet laugh to come to light; thats when all the children want to play. As I chase after Elle and tickle her, her sister begins to yell “Mommy get me”! Oh gosh what have I started. Like buying a toy or candy, I cannot do for one without doing for the other. Now lets times that by three these days; as Isaac grows older and more active at his eleven month stage.

I’m trying to find a balance for all my children and their feelings; looking for activities that aren’t costly or will over heat us during these intense summer days. After a quick dollar store trip, Michales and of course Publix for a treat; we may be set for some crafting. As a young girl I remember making bracelets and necklaces; so my wonderful, creative mind said “the girls would love this!”. I’m silly to think there would be no tantrums and we would relax…


“Mom, Mom, Mommy!!!” It had begun, as the beads were just opened and being sorted by colors; the girls had begun to argue over what colors they were in “charge” of. My oldest, Isabella, begins to cry after we spoke about lining the beads up in order of how we would string them on. I was helping Elle, the five year old; which lets be honest my OCD was driving me crazy! The beads all in order were going in not matching the other side, yet her name was properly strung in order!

As the flushed cheeks of Isabella hide under her hands, I question whats wrong.

“They keep falling off the table!” Some of the beads are round, which roll off the wooden table onto the carpet one by one. “Ok it’s not a big deal, put them all in a small cup if you want baby.” Oh that was a mistake, all the small cups from brushing our teeth come out; a few beads in each cup to keep “organized” as she says. The whole talk of lining each bead up in the order she would like strung on her necklace is out the sliding glass door!


After multiple meltdowns the girls finish, asking for a snack and then to make bracelets. “Nope, we need to save some of this EXCITEMENT for another day girls!” As my patients too went out the sliding glass door during the third meltdown of the bracelet making; I can no longer wait for bedtime sadly! And like an alarm clock Isaac’s cries from his cribs in the bedroom, breaks any questions of proceeding onto another piece of lovely anxiety ridden jewelry is gone. My savior, Isaac!

The meltdowns as I walk out the door for a mommy five minute break. The meltdowns of trying new foods, cleaning up after themselves with chores or bedtime… I wonder when my sanity left me, was it the first child… Second or third? The third child, Isaac, for the most part is a walk in the park. He doesn’t whine too often unless I’m not feeding him quickly enough, or I try to save him for playing with something dangerous; like the lovely phone charger if he finds it hanging off the side of the bed.

As they are growing their tantrums are turning to little teenagers; the eye rolling and lack of eye contact is the worst part. I posted this past weekend asking my friends and followers their opinion on chores for children. I believe that chores with rewards will help these tantrums or remind them of what can be taken away. That is for an upcoming post later this week.


How do you handle your child’s tantrums, meltdowns and embarrassing moments; that question your parenting techniques?



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