Making a family memory.

What sound does a lion make? The excitement built over night as we search through many shirts and dresses to find something to do with animals. Snack bags filled, drink cups ready and myself rushing at the end to straighten my waves; as Geraldo pulls in the drive way from his orientation at his new job the pressure sinks in. “OUCH!” a burnt thumb to begin our day, with four excited little girls; in truth five if you count me. We pile in the mini-van like a clown car, sun glasses and smiles we’re off, Washington National Zoo here we come.

20140723_134724 (2)

After a bit of a drive while the kids munched on Pirates booty, we finally arrived. Like a child I was eager to jump out of my seat and begin. Two strollers, an ergo and off we go. First stop the petting farm for the children to see the goats, pigs and all Old McDonalds barn yard animals. With hesitation in Isabella’s eyes I see her slowly put her hand out to a goats back to pet it. As I watch her and my sisters enjoy the moment I can’t help but snap pictures constantly hoping I’ll get them all looking and smiling at me. These are the memories to cherish!

barn yard zoo

Next stop the rainforest where we see large creepy fish, turtles, frogs and of course monkeys! I watch as the children take in every moment in awh, I find myself smiling. Things are finally falling into place, we’re able to take the children to an educational and fun place, we are both working now and things are just getting better for our family. This is the moment I just let free, time to have some fun while relaxing with my family. As I walk holding Isabella’s hand I watch Geraldo push Elleanna, I realize how blessed I am to have my children and my man in my life.

A day at the zoo for our family.
A day at the zoo for our family.

After taking a few family shots of both my step-mother and father with my sisters and then Geraldo, the girls and I we head out of the rainforest and off to see more. Elephants and zebras oh my! Elleanna takes a quick trip in the Ergo for her lunch break, Isabella asks to be picked up and as many of you know it isn’t the most easy thing to do while carrying an eight month old so daddy steps in. My breath is taken away as I snap shots of a piggy back ride between father and daughter; my smile is growing larger and larger the further into the zoo we journey. Before we end out journey we take a stop at the merry-go-round as the girls all finish their Ice-creams, Grandpa gets the tickets and we split up. Geraldo, the girls and I take off to the right of the merry-go-round looking for the perfect animals for the girls to ride; while Heather and my father take my sisters left in amusement we end up meeting in the middle and sitting next to each other for some family photos. It’s Elleanna’s first time on the merry-go-round and I see her confusion but as the ride begins her excitement bursts while she’s smiling and giggling her humming bird flying her around with her sister at her side on the lady bug. My sisters to the left with Heather and my father and my girls and man to the right, how much better can this get?


We end our animal visits at the Lions where the sounds swept over the whole zoo. We find the perfect position for photos. As a free zoo, if you don’t use their twenty-two dollar parking, who wouldn’t enjoy this and take advantage of the opportunity of the education and wonderful views; also the wonderful work out of pushing a stroller around this large zoo with inclines. A perfect family outing that we will be doing more often.  

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