What a playdate…

The hustle and bustle of the day begins as an early morning alarm begins its annoyance in my ear. I hear no sounds of children awake so my gut tells me quickly put yourself together before they realize you are no longer in bed. As a co-sleeping mother of an eight month old you pray that you don’t wake the baby when you sneak off to the potty; though her father is there his soothing abilities are just not what she prefers. After the tip toeing of the morning my girls are up and we really begin our day. Flower dresses and bows my eyes widen with the “uh oh” moment of what should I wear? My first event as a blogger, thanks to my step mother, we’re venturing out for a kids play date with Playskool and some blogging mothers and kids.

A nervousness in my belly like the first day of school we arrive at our destination. I’m unsure of what to expect… Do I try to talk to people or do I just sit back? Will they welcome me to the blogging group or will I be an outcast? So many fears as we arrive at the elevator I become a little less worried as a kind young woman and her two girls stand waiting while speaking get to another young lady. Their smiles so warm and friendly, my feelings become overwhelmed with excitement. This is my new life and a new adventure I just need to grab ahold of it and not let go.

The set up is breath-taking as we walk the “red carpet”, stroller parking to your left and straight ahead to the fun. In amazement my eyes are astonished at the room… Balloon animals, face painting , and mats of toys for different ages. As we look around the room small tables and chairs for the children and a few adult tables are set up for an area to converse and enjoy the foods. The fruits and burgers, hot dogs and juice boxes, Playskool was ready.

As I’m greeted with name tags for not only myself and step mother but also all our girls. Great idea! My oldest daughter sets out asking me to follow she spotted a toy that caught her eye, a purple monkey with removable gears. Next a ridding toy, she was off for her own adventure with the other children. As I speak with some mommy bloggers I feel welcomed with most, everyone so family oriented with little ones from six months to eight years old I’m amazed at the kindness the women spoke. Though at times I felt out-of-place the inventors of the toys and other employees of Playskool made me feel welcomed and so thankful for the opportunity not one but both my girls had.

Elleanna interacting as she plays with what seemed to be her favorite toy.
Elleanna interacting as she plays with what seemed to be her favorite toy.

As I was my youngest interact with other children and with the inventors I take a moment to look over each toy from the Playskool Hero’s addition to Elmo the colors and differences attract me. My thoughts on the products I would like to purchase as I watch my girls joy.


An amazing day, meeting many new faces as I search for their pages to follow. I am thankful for their kindness and the hospitality of the Playskool employees. This was a moment that would not only brighten my girls day but also mine. As we head for home with our bundle of goodies from an ABC singing Elmo to Playskool hero transformers I am overjoyed at the experience of the safe and educational toys provided at the event and in our goody bags. I can’t wait to watch my girls play together with their friends and tell my soon to be and current mothers about the new toys being presented this year.

Our amazing gift bags for the kids.



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